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  1. I want to see how they handle the Fantastic Four.
  2. Proper introductions

    We bite
  3. Pokemans!

    I like how Crystal will feature the Celebi event from all those years back. That alone makes it worth considering buying the VC of it.
  4. What's New with you?

    The new meds are like a foreign species invading a new biome. My body isn't taking kindly to it today.
  5. What's New with you?

    I should not be snickering this much. Thanks duderino
  6. What's New with you?

    Keeping on the gabapentin and I'm gonna be adding cymbalta to the mix.
  7. What's New with you?

    Basically playing the waiting game in life. Not sure if I can ever really work again. Not sure if I can get government aid. Not sure if my meds will work. (I don't really lead much of an interesting life right now) In other news I'm looking at asking for a Chromebook for Christmas. It should meet all the needs I have.
  8. I'm slowly figuring out this new layout for the site. Once I'm back on desktop it'll probably blow my mind again

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Desktop is nearly identical to before now, just a slightly different color pallet (if you're using the Dark theme, the default theme has a very different color pallet).

  9. What's New with you?

    *Canada intensifies* Sleeping in the chair finally started catching up to my nerves so I'm back to the back pain mattress. Edit: the quoting didn't work as well as I had hoped
  10. What's New with you?

    It took me like 10 minutes to set up our tree. I just had to clean off the folding table in the living room then grab the tint tree from the shelf of my dad's closet. Next Wednesday I see the Neuro doc duderino again. Gonna likely be bumped onto something stronger. On the 18th I get my jaw assessment. Woo Christmas is a bit of a bummer this year. I mostly yearn for my former life where I could lift things without intense pain, numbing, burning... I'm just miserable. But I'll probably get a gift card to buy socks and underwear so I guess that's cool too
  11. Mist

    I'm wishing you a very very early birthday for next year
  12. Florrie is here!

    I don't know if I'm supposed to bite you for being a new or lick you for coming back. So I'll just sneeze on you
  13. What are you reading?

    Reality is Broken is my current reading material
  14. What's New with you?

    Meds are nearly totally ineffective now. Just 1 more week of this...
  15. What's New with you?

    My body is dying again. I slept 12 hours last night