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  1. Oh goodness did they absolutely ruin the class system.

    I agree. I also like that "Thordain" sounds like the marketing name of some new wonder drug. I'm now imagining the "Take Charge" jingle from those old TV commercials for Valtrex - but with "Thordain" in place of "Take Charge." Thordain, the newest treatment for genital slurpes. Yelling "Kazzaple!" makes me feel like I'm demanding a bottled beverage. Like "Snapple!"
  2. for some reason, everytime i hear tabby, i think of an orange or gray cat......... no pun intended haha. yeah, tabby started as an imaginary cat character. But after i used the name for an online game profile once, i just got used to it and it stuck. when i said it was a familiar pseudonym, i meant to say that it was familiar to me. :-) come to think of it, that could be an interesting angle in a new DQ game - getting to spend at least part of the game as a cat. They did something similar in DQ 8 with the mouse character. But it was mostly just for puzzle solving and not to push the story forward. they've already done ghosts, invisible angels, and invisible folks in dream worlds - so being a cat would be a new way to overhear private NPC conversations and to interact indirectly with them.
  3. No copies at GameStop yet...

    My Gamestops in L.A. didn't have it on release day and tried to tell me that it didn't release until the next day. Then they blamed Nintendo for not sending it on time. Next they blamed the shipper. Then they said, "Did you get a text message from us that it was ready?" The last time I checked, the street date was Valentines Day, not Whatever-day-we-send-you-a-text-message-day. Finally they said, "It might be in the back but we haven't had time to process some of the shipments yet." I asked them if they knew what the box looked like that they were searching for, and they said they didn't have a clue. But there were two pre-order promo boxes sitting right on the front counter. When I was able to pick it up the next day they didn't have the pre-order bonuses. They said, "Maybe tomorrow Nintendo will overnight them." But the next day when they called to say the slimes were in (which was actually very nice) the employee said, "I found them in the back." Two employees at the same Gamestop, on separate occasions, said I had to pre-order Pokemon Black/White if I wanted to get the free legendary trio downloads, which was a complete lie. My Best Buy in L.A. wasn't any better. When I went there on release day after Gamestop (figuring I'd forego the pre-order slime) they didn't have it and tried to tell me I was mistaken about the release of DQ6 and really wanted DQ9. After all, they said, "Dragon Quest 6 comes before 9, so how could 6 be releasing?" When I told them to look it up on the computer, they said, "Oh, you're right. But we don't have it and the computer says 2-4 weeks."
  4. i named him tabby, the same name i use in every game. Since it's a familiar pseudonym, i immediately feel emotionally invested when characters start addressing me. I used to use my real name, but with the advent of games that had info-swapping capabilities i switched to a moniker.
  5. Nintendo's Dragon Quest VI Contest

    i know, but i don't use it that way because i have a job where facebook and twittering isn't allowed. and i work long hours, so i'd rather spend my off time reading dragon's den or catching up with a few friends on facebook. sure, i could send twitter feeds to my phone and read them all on my lunch break. but i'd rather eat and relax and maybe play a DS game.
  6. Nintendo's Dragon Quest VI Contest

    Last year Square-Enix of Japan posted a job listing for a game designer for a future Dragon Quest game. They wanted those interested to submit some ideas for storylines. That made me think - if they had contests where fans could submit storylines, character sketches, monster art, etc that could be a fun contest. As i play each DQ game to death (hundreds of hours) i always end up wishing there was some way to play dragon quest that was perpetual and where i could become a part of the creation process. I'm sure other fans feel the same way, so this kind of contest would provide a fun outlet for that. and they could post the submissions on a website.
  7. Nintendo's Dragon Quest VI Contest

    i agree. this contest sort of rewards those who have nothing better to do. But penalizes folks with jobs where they either don't have time or are not allowed to do personal things/waste time on social networks during work hours. And they didn't give much notice. THopefully they'll think of some other contests that allow fans to show their enthusiasm for the series in ways other than sitting in front of a laptop reading twitter all the time.
  8. Sorry, I just meant the email they sent to the general public. I'm not on any lists to get actual goodies. Here's a photo of their email blast from yesterday, just for anyone who didn't want to sign up for all of the NIntendo email lists.
  9. That's really sad. But on the bright side, hopefully she was able to have a great time playing Dragon Quest 9. Did she get a lot of feedback as a result of her letter getting published? I hope she had lots of DQ friends with whom to share her passion for the games.
  10. I only found out about the official release today when i got the Nintendo mailer about it. It sounds really great. Wish i had read the post that was added back on dec 24 about the release! http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/XM1D8PkRypvs3R75WXj39OfbjMoMQEnD
  11. like others, i worry that square-enix mgmt may have canned the localization/NA release of DQVI in order to devote all of their resources to 3ds titles that they predict will be cash cows (no matter how crappy they may be) due to less competition in the first year after the 3DS launch. financially, they could make a modest profit from a small localization investment with DQVI for DS. if they won't do that much, it surprises me that they will take a much bigger risk by investing lots of money to develop and release DQX for the wii. if they were developing DQX for the 3ds i'd have no reservations. but i think the opportunity to create a dragon quest phenomenon on the wii in the us is already passed, if it ever existed. has anyone from inside the company, such as an ex square-enix employee, ever explained the sometimes confusing way that the company deals with the franchise in the US?
  12. DQVC Exclusive items

    will they be offering the pumpkin head next week for halloween? if not, when did they offer it in japan? i used to check DQVC every day, but i've been getting lazy and playing DQ V and DQ III (on GBC). if it's a hallowee item i'll have to go back to checking dqvc daily. thanks!
  13. DQV Is my party good? Spoilers..maybe?

    I'm playing through DQV too and so far golem has really worked out well. i like to make him the leader, just to watch him walk around. my healslime has been a huge help, too, especially as he's leveled up. i wish there weren't level caps and that every monster could be raised to 99. not that the level cap has stopped me from travelling around with a goodybag. but still.
  14. Concerning skills and accolades

    i have to admit, i've thought about it (to upgrade my inn, speed up grinding, etc.) When it comes to my consumer relationship with Square-Enix, sometimes I feel like a battered spouse making excuses for their abuser. If they scrap the DQ6 English localization, that may finally motivate me to end the cycle of abuse. At least, until the next DQ game comes out. Square-Enix, I wish I knew how to quit you.
  15. Whenever I encounter something that can be customized, I think of Dragon Quest. While researching a gift guide article this week I saw that you could customize the front shell of any Flip video recorder ordered online. Below are some quick mock-ups I made at the site. If you were going to make a Dragon Quest Flip, what would it look like? it only takes a couple minutes to generate mock-ups at the Flip site: http://store.theflip...260&type=upload have you ever made any D.I.Y. Dragon Quest stuff? If so, let us see!