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  1. mine are gone oh wells GO FIRESTAR!!
  2. lol i got 4 of them right xD sad that mine didnt go through to the next round though T^T and im glad that heavenly fighter didnt go though hes just the ultimate gear warrior >.> and i liked brigid sooo original and adorable x3 happy that the captiness also went though dont really like pimps <.< but oh wells captiness, paladin, and firestar have my vote for the next round already
  3. tell us about your team

    main-Hikari luminary lvl 99+1 van-sage lvl 99+1 kikko- priest lvl 99+3 kat- paladin lvl 99+2 omg endless grinding and soooooooooooooo much work and effort the subs represent my friends and they are accurate too lol Hikari felt like it suited the game because she is the light and loves to entertain hehe. she also has her minstrel skills (100 pts) so shes awesome! van mastered the whip from her mage vocation and made her to sage with a whip like she wanted lol kikko mastered the staff and priest skills u can see her on my profile picture on my page hehe never changed her only revocated kat isnt a cat lol shes more of a paladin because she protects her friends in real life
  4. from what i see there are a lot of number 1s in the first match my prediction would prob be luna, angel's sanctum, and cappy based on the votes from the previous round match 2 has 7 that has second with 2 in first prediction; princess of the firestar, solo, and evil spirit thanatos match 3 has 5 third place, 2 second place, and 2 first place from previous round prediction; paladin of justice, godian, and morgan (these are not my votes im just saying :3 ) good lucks hope mine go though to the final round hehe
  5. like mine???? the boy with the red, ellow and blue tutu? nahh i just laughed at yours silly JBRPG trix are for kids
  6. i saw the names when i went to save some of the sprites lol and some of the names were unique
  7. hehehe i have no idea why but i started squealing when i saw a few of them x3 some of them are just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorablishious x)
  8. Starting the game over

    hehe im playing a run through on an emulator with cheats and everything xD but i also have the real game because i dont like to cheat... that much ive finished the game on my ds and im messing around in the emulator and making a fun vid with all my friends =D i just find it fun to have my friends beat up bosses so in my case... use the emulator to test your skill solo while keeping your true game in tact
  9. Co-op coup de grâce

    is there a way to get co op coup de grace fast? i know that your party has to have a coupe de grace and everyone has to use it
  10. What type of gamer are you?

    I play through the story and when I get stuck I grind until I know I am ready to beat the bosses Though the Legacy Bosses kind of tick me off because that means that I have to grind more D: Grinding makes me sleepy and it wouldn't be the first time I fell asleep while playing a video game Good thing this was turn based because then I would be dead when I fall asleep. lol Though I did beat a boss in my sleep in FF7... Ruby Weapon xD That was pretty funny when I woke up the next morning :3
  11. ??? i dont like to cheat :/ it feels wrong for me but the ones i sent in were just from the 2D sprites :3
  12. idk i dont even have all the costumes and stuff in my game ;^;
  13. i want to see some creativity on some of these because some of these just seem too cliche :/
  14. is happy to see you :D <----------- see

  15. im guessing you dont because some of the ones that were already entered didnt have a shield