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  1. Yo, Dragon Quest is my game, doe.

  2. I'm Back!

    The one that just came out for the DS
  3. I'm Back!

    Hey Guys I beat Pokemon Black like 2 weeks ago and did all the post game stuff. I can play dragon quest IX Again!!!! I'll be posting again soon! ps is DQ IV (or whatever it is, i cant remeber) any good i might get it.
  4. Hi Guys I may not post for a while because I got Pokemon Black. I will Play DQIX but Not Until Im done with Black. Goodbye For Now
  5. Lv 99 Legacy

    Lv.16 Baramos is hard to me. My Team is in the mid 70's! whats up with that. Did any one solo estark??
  6. Lv 99 Legacy

    Has anyone ever soloed Estark,Dragonlord, or Nokturnus at lv 99. Im Not going to try I was just wondering
  7. My NEW Team

    guys and changed everyone back to their Old vocations ranger gladiator priest armamentalist I got baramos 10 lvs in about 2 hours and got murdaws map. Murdaw was a pushover I need to lv for dhoulmagus so can someone give me a good strategy
  8. My NEW Team

    Guys i changed my armamentalist to a minstrel to max out its fan skill. I got the critical fan so im going to change it back when i max it out. Is it a good idea i need more coup de graces
  9. My NEW Team

    Hey Guys got baramos to like lv 6 and i changed my team so i have to lv grind for a bit Ranger is now a paladin lv 22 bow (maxed it out as a ranger) Gladiator stays the same lv 65 Uber falcon blade Preist Is now a sage lv 24 Spear (maxed it out as a preist) Armamentalist stays the same lv 45 PS Got THREE pairs of alhian boots from baramos
  10. My NEW Team

    Guys i beat baramos lv. 1 with my current lvs but i know he is just going to get harder. someone tell me where to lv. grind besides slime hill, the LMS apperance rate is to low. I also found malroths map, it didn't go to well: Malroth use c-c-cold breath! 200 Damage to everyone, Marissa's Dead! Malroth use inferno 200 damage to everyone WIPEOUT!!!
  11. My NEW Team

    What Can A sage do that a preist cant, what weapon and what lv. Ps I AM changing marissa back to an armamtalist.
  12. My NEW Team

    Hello. You Might Remember my old post about my team but that one is old. so im starting a new one. Vincent(Hero) Lv. 52 Ranger Bow Deven Lv. 52 Gladaitor Sword Frank Lv. 52 Preist Spear Marissa Lv.15 Martial Artist Claws Marissa Was A Theif,changed her to an armamtalisist. I didn't like the wepons so im maxing out her claw Skill. Comment if you want Advice Will be Appreciated. PS Im Trying to beat Baramos lv.1 and up until i get murdaws map TY In Advance
  13. Legacy Bosses

    Hey I got my first legacy boss (Baramos) and he's hard what voucations shoud i master to beat him.
  14. Follow that Fish!

    thanks guys i beat it
  15. What would you change about DQIX?

    I would add more bosses to the grottos. they would prably be just pallet swaps though. I think there should be more grotto and legacy bosses