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  1. Are Sages Good?

    Sages are great if they are mixed in with other vocations. I have a sage/armamentilist/mage. And he dishes out damage like no tomorrow.
  2. lark is bored :L

  3. Vocation Limits

    That's what i am thinking to, cause after i beat the story line, i'm going to grind my main team and revocate them 10 times. Then switch to another vocation and rinse and repeat. If i do get god like characters, i will let you know.
  4. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted, but he turns out to be a royal pain. I wish for dual swords and katanas in DQ :L
  5. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted but Arceus blows it up cause he was bored. I wish Lightening was a spell for mages. (Players should be able to use it to :L)
  6. Alchemy List specific

    if you need alchemy ingredient locations... What kinds? some can be stolen from monsters, or found in grotto chests.. etc.
  7. Is back from cruise.

  8. Maybe the game was having problems. Do you use cheats?
  9. yah edit the designs out, that way no one will steal them.
  10. Corrupt a dream!

    granted, but your wish is for a maxed out DragonLord. I wish my throat would stop hurting
  11. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted but it turns to dust when your about to spend it. I wish for Mortamer to have 0 in all stats( I just battled him in a grotto and got beaten.
  12. when are more sprites going to be added? And when is voting?
  13. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted but the game is corrupted. I wish for the next DQ games to have katanas and portable alchemy pots!
  14. Where are ther Iron Nails?

    Thanks! Now i just have to get to Gittingham Palace...
  15. I have been looking up and down my Dragon Quest game so far and could not find anymore iron nails. I have 2 so far. Anyone know where I could find more?