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  1. Happy Birthday eal

    Oh, I already did. I went to see Star Wars. Don't read what's below if you haven't seen it yourself yet.
  2. PS4 Must Buys

    I read the plot synopsis for Berseria and it's basically Berserk. Even down to some similarly named terminology. Also, I think the tattoo artist thing is mostly a rumor. Tattoos are frowned upon generally in Japan. If that's true, I do generally like when they draw on their past experience to augment their work though. Like how Ai Yazawa studied fashion before writing manga, and the emphasis on unique clothes and styles shows in Nana.
  3. What's New with you?

    I was actually planning on it after I caught up with Magi, which I'm currently in the middle of. Oops. Looks like it's gonna be Hikaru no Go instead.
  4. What anime are you watching?

    Spent like two and a half months looking forward to seeing an old man and a high school student kicking each others' asses in Inuyashiki and when I finally get the big fight, their battle across Tokyo looked like a PS2 cutscene. I would've been willing to wait a week or two just to make it look nicer.
  5. What's New with you?

    Now I'm finding out Space Brothers, another manga I love (I got a quote tattooed on my body for crying out loud), is heading towards a conclusion too. It's bi-weekly so it's probably got two or three years left in it, but the fact that the author said it's on its "last spurt" without an exact estimate as to how long that it, means that it could end potentially end before 2019 is up. I've already got three beloved manga ending like three days after each other. I've got to find some new stuff to read.
  6. PS4 Must Buys

    Eh, even if that was so, some rip-offs can be good. Claymore is a rip-off of Berserk. Beautifully illustrated art of female warriors armed with huge swords fighting eldritch monstrosities in a medivel setting. Hell, the first volume of Claymore is a couple one-off but important chapters, which is followed by the first arc in the second volume, which then leads into the last portion of the third volume beginning a long flashback unrelated to the first arc, which is also widely considered to be the best part of the series. You know, just like Berserk. But it's still good and the author actually finished it and drew twice as many pages a month per chapter without taking extended hiatuses.
  7. I mean, a part of me thinks it might be cool because the X-Men might become a part of the MCU (though I'm sure that'll involve some reboot), and maybe that also means Marvel will abandon their Inhumans push and focus on the X-Men in comics again. Yet at the same time, this feels somewhat uncomfortable. Think about it: a single company with 52 billion dollars to just casually buy out another company. It reeks of a monopoly forming, and I'm sure the government will be scrutinizing it very closely. Disney owns everything at this point it seems. One day, this thread will be moved to the general Dragon Quest section once Disney inevitably buys Square Enix.
  8. PS4 Must Buys

    Weird to include games that aren't out yet. Anyway, whether you've watched the show or not, Attack on Titan is a good choice. Solid web-swinging mechanics and satisfying Titan subjugations. Until Dawn is a spook-tacular send-up to teens-in-cabins-in-the-woods horror films. And your choices do actually matter. This ain't no TellTale or David Cage game. Sleepy Dogs, because I like open world Hong Kong and the story is actually fun to follow along with. In my experience, open world stories are generally pretty poor. Shadow of Mordor. If you like Batman Arkham combat and the Nemesis system interests you, you will have fun with this game. Stealth is also do-able. I'm generally awful at stealth sequences but I managed just fine in Shadow of Mordor. Uncharted games. Whichever tickle your fancy, but honestly, Uncharted 2 is my favorite so give the PS4 remaster a go. Project DIVA Future Tone. I'm just recommending this because I can even though no one is going to play it.
  9. And now a MediEvil remaster? Guys, my birthday isn't until Friday.

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    2. eal


      Do it. Cheap and neat knickknacks for a series that doesn't get them. You like Spyro and Crash. That GBA crossover must've been a dream come true for you.

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I mean, it was, until I played it. Crash Bandicoot Purple was a disappointment, but still fun and worth the money - Spyro Orange, on the other hand, was an abomination.

    4. eal


      That's pretty much what I heard about them.

  10. What's New with you?

    Woot for Bayo 3! Not so woot for the Wii U losing another game (Bayo 2) to the Switch... I think we now have enough games coming around to justify a Switch for me now.
  11. What's New with you?

    We got 5 or so inches here. First time we've gotten snow on the same day we got our Christmas tree, so that was nice.
  12. What's New with you?

    Somewhat spoiling the game. The whole point is the surprise. I know they warn you before you play, but it's a trigger warning.
  13. What's New with you?

    The one week my fantasy team absolutely dominates. What took so long?
  14. What's New with you?

    Her role as Sunako in Shiki was my favorite of hers.