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  1. Plot confusion

    I don't know about Greygnarl the grotto boss (I haven't gotten him yet, but there is the fact that the real Greygnarl is dead) but Equinox definitely says: and Zenus did live in a "heavenly palace" and at one point he considered the humans a failed creation and tried to destroy them. Just because the grotto bosses speak like the monsters they've become doesn't mean they aren't just twisted pieces of Zenus anyway.
  2. Plot confusion

    They're not the only ones. I just got a grotto with Atlas at the bottom. When you start the battle, he screams and says "ATLAS NO UNDERSTAND! WHY YOU TURN INTO TREE?" (paraphrased). Clearly, Atlas is a part of Zenus that wants to know why Celestria transformed herself. I'm wondering if ALL the Grotto bosses are supposed to be pieces of Zenus...
  3. Plot confusion

    Alright, so I rewatched the scene on Youtube and you're right, Zenus created the Celestrians immediately after firing the beam and Celestria became the tree. What I thought was Corvus getting hit was actually Celestria sending down some energy to stop it. Either way, though, it doesn't affect the main argument. Corvus still destroyed the Almighty, and tried to destroy the Celestrians at the same time. He did fire that beam at the beginning of the game, remember, and that hole through Gittingham Palace is directly over his cell. Also, he didn't exactly mind control the Gittish Empire anyway. If he did control them completely, wouldn't he have had them simply release him themselves? Okay, so going back to the beginning and rethinking everything - this time not to a large degree - I came up with this: Ignore the first part of my post, since the Zenus and Celestria thing doesn't affect Corvus's story. Corvus just mysteriously became visible to the humans and stuck in the Protectorate. Everything after that is generally the same. I'll also give you that Corvus could have been stuck in his chains - it doesn't matter either way, since they clearly did not impair him from firing that beam or resurrecting the empire. In fact, it does make more sense that he was trapped, especially since that room has the same weird blue glow that all the Celestrians were captured in otherwise. However, Corvus had no control over the Gittish Empire. He just resurrected them, hoping that they would do what they would naturally do - destroy the humans. Think of it like capturing a wild tiger - you can't expect it to serve you but you can expect it to eat whatever meat you throw into its cage. Remember, Godwyn hired Aquila to help him collect the fyggs so Godwyn could rule the world. That hole over Corvus's cell is definitely from the beam he fired which wrecked the Observatory and killed Zenus. Whether Zenus was his target or whether the Celestrians were, I cannot say, but it is obvious he fired the beam with the destruction of some heavenly figure in mind. Where I have Corvus "building up energy" in my theory is the same as you saying his power is his hatred. After three hundred years, he wasn't angry at Gitt for capturing him, it was what they would have done anyway. He was angrier at the humans for betraying him. So he brought back the Gittish Empire to kill the humans. After you free him, he realizes that the empire failed, so he creates the Realm of the Mighty and still plans to destroy everything from there. He resurrects the Triumgorate again, but even in their speeches in that realm show that only Goreham-Hogg really works for Corvus then. Hootingham-Gore just wants to "hoomiliate" you after last time, and Goresby-Purrvis just wants to fight you because you're skilled, although he pointedly states before the fight that he serves the head of the House of Gitt and there is no head anymore. Other than that though, I can see exactly where you're coming from. *shrugs* At least I have a more complete theory on what happened now.
  4. Plot confusion

    Just in case, my whole post should be marked SPOILERS. Take your time now to leave if you don't want to be spoiled. Are they all gone? Good. Well, Corvus's whole story begins 300 years prior to the game. At that time, the Celestrians were all living on the Observatory, just living their daily lives. They were still guarding the Protectorate, and Corvus was the guardian of Wormwood Creek. At one point, Zenus (the Almighty) decides that humans are worthless and that he's going to destroy them. He fires a beam of energy down. At that moment, Corvus is flying around Wormwood Creek and ends up right in the path of the energy beam. The beam knocks Corvus to the ground and makes him visible to humans. Celestria then convinces Zenus not to destroy the humans by becoming Yggdrasil, etc. etc. Meanwhile, a young girl named Serena who lives in Wormwood Creek finds Corvus unconscious on the ground. She brings him back to her house and nurses him back to health. When Corvus awakens, Serena explains that she knows he's a Celestrian. He continues to live in Wormwood Creek for a while, and eventually he and Serena fall in love. He gives Serena the Serene Necklace, which lets her know when a Celestrian is near. Eventually, the Gittish Empire invades, knowing that a Celestrian fell nearby. When the elder of Wormwood Creek is interrogated, Corvus engages the Imperial Soldiers and kills them. The elder, now afraid of Gitt's retaliation, convinces Corvus to go into hiding so they won't attack Wormwood Creek. Serena takes Corvus to that area north of Wormwood Creek and slips him a sleeping potion, which he is not expecting. Serena gives him the potion because the elder asked her to, and she believed that it would help hide him. Immediately afterwards, though, the elder leads the Gittish soldiers right to Corvus. They haul Corvus away. The elder made the deal only to protect Wormwood Creek and Serena, but the soldiers kill Serena anyway and take Corvus back to Gittingham Palace. Corvus wakes up in the cell in the basement of the palace, believing that Serena slipped him the sleeping potion in an act of betrayal. There's an NPC in... Upover, I think, who tells you that there's no evidence that the Gittish Empire was ever defeated, other than Greygnarl defeating Barbarus. As you've said, it makes no sense that Corvus couldn't even open his shackles. Allow me to put forth the theory that he could. He breaks free and kills everyone in the Gittish Empire himself (other than Goreham-Hogg, explained later). Then, as a penance, he chains himself up again. At this point, there's a 300-year gap. From what I can tell, Corvus spent this 300-year gap building up energy. During this time, Corvus is going over everything in his head, every injustice he's witnessed in the past. He decides to first get revenge on the Almighty. Zenus believed at one point that the humans weren't worthy of his world, but Corvus decides that the Almighty is the one who isn't worthy. He builds up his energy then fires a destructive beam not unlike the one that threw him to the ground, which fires straight through Gittingham Palace (note that there is a hole in the center of every floor of Gittingham Palace, directly over Corvus's cell), breaks the Observatory, and lances straight through to the Realm of the Almighty and destroys Zenus. That beam of energy is also the beam that causes you to fall to the Protectorate just like Corvus did. The next phase of Corvus's plan is to get revenge on the humans who betrayed him. He remembers that the people of Wormwood Creek were his betrayers, so he resurrects their greatest fear, the Gittish Empire, to serve him (although they don't know it). He brings back the strongest of the soldiers (the Triumgorate and King Godwyn) as monsters and the rest of the empire shambles to life as undead. He also resurrects the black dragon, Barbarus, and forces it to serve the Gittish Empire. Then you meet up with Greygnarl. Greygnarl takes flight and attacks Barbarus, but is killed defending Upover. You get captured and thrown into the Gortress, where you lead an uprising and kill Goreham-Hogg. (Interesting note, Goreham-Hogg recognizes the Gittish Emblem Greygnarl gives you as his own, from when Greygnarl killed him the first time. This, plus the Triumgorate all having their extended bios say they were brought back in new forms, provides evidence to this theory.) You assault Gittingham Palace as well, killing Hootingham-Gore and Goresby-Purrvis, and finally King Godwyn. You go to the basement, freeing the other Celestrians, and eventually find Corvus locked up in the basement. During the cutscene where his shackles come off, if you notice, they pop off without anyone touching them at all. I think this was done on purpose. If Corvus kept himself locked up down there, he would be able to simply remove his chains with his own power. But why does he wait until you arrive to do so? Because you ruined his plan. If you're in the basement, that means his plan to use the Gittish Empire to get his revenge has failed. Furthermore, you are a Celestrian, so he's forced to assume that even the Celestrians are against him now. Mad from 300 years of guilt and feeling betrayed, He goes to the Realm of the Almighty (notably devoid of the Almighty himself, since Corvus killed him) and twists it into his own Realm of the Mighty, which he plans on using to destroy all the humans and Celestrians. It's not until Serena's ghost explains to him that she wasn't trying to betray him that he finally forgives everyone and departs for the afterlife. More evidence to this whole theory can also be found in Corvus's boss bios. Here endeth the spoilers.
  5. Simon Malls event

    Thanks. It seems pretty nice around here. I'm hoping I'll be able to integrate into the "community" pretty easily. Anyway, a few words of advice that I've learned for events in general from this one: 1) Stick to Stornway. The crux of the multiplayer/event experience all takes place right in the Questers' Rest. Erinn sets up the Tag Mode and Pavo sets up full multiplayer. 2) If you're idle, go into Tag Mode. Tag Mode continues to run even if your DS lid is closed, so you can turn it on and just slip it in your pocket if you don't feel like holding it out the whole time. Even though you can only pick up three tags at a time anyway, walking around in Tag Mode still lets other people grab your tags as well - a necessity to fully upgrade the Inn. Essentially, don't quit out of Tag Mode just because it's no use to your game, other people can still get some use out of it. 3) If you want to go questing, speak up. I, for one, am generally willing to quest but I'm in the position of having only just finished the game. I don't have any decent grottos yet (oh how I wish I did) so there's just about nothing to do in my world, and I'm not going to force people to go to my world to do nothing nor am I going to make them let me do stuff in their world. If you want to do multiplayer, let people know. A lot of people just need a good reason to do it. 4) Be friendly. There was one guy I saw at the mall when I first got there looking kinda shifty. I saw him pull out his DS for a second and quickly slip it away. I approached him and tried starting up a conversation. He just asked me if I'd gotten the event map yet, then he vanished the second I turned away from him. I don't know who he was or where he went, but seriously, that's just rude. I'm sure there's more things I can come up with, but it's late and I'm too tired to think of any more.
  6. A Dragon Quest 9 Leveling stradedgy

    Actually, he was referring to the Bad Cave, not the Bowhole. I still prefer Slime Hill myself, but that's only open for post-game anyway.
  7. Secrets of the Shield

    Yeah, all of the manuals you get from the level 40 class quests/mastery of a weapon or shield give the ability to whoever is holding it, but you can switch it between party members. Essentially, you should put it on whoever is the most likely to be in danger from a critical. If you Paladin is constantly using Forbearance, he would be the only person who can be hit by a critical so he should hold it. If your Paladin is also doing other things and only uses Forbearance occasionally, then you should probably give it to someone who's more vulnerable.
  8. Simon Malls event

    Hey there guys, I'm one of your "recruits" you've been talking about. I showed up to the thing around 4 and left at about 5:30-ish - I spent a lot of time talking to the guy who was shooting for 200 tags to see if there was an accolade. I'm just making an initial post here. I've got some other stuff I want to post, but it'll have to wait until I have more free time.