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  1. So I found where to battle him, and a mini event happened before I was forced to fight him. I was about to win when my DS froze (Original clunky one, total poc now). When I turned off my game and reloaded my file, I went back to where I triggered the event, only to find that what I interacted with wasn't there anymore. (Not posting where I triggered it publically, due to some people not wanting spoilers and to find it on their own) So just one question about this. If you trigger the event, and you either lose or shut off your DS, does this keep you from being able to trigger the event ever again? Sorry if this seems like a noobish question, but I'm OCD when I play any RPG game, and I don't stop playing it until I 100% everything in it. And mostly wondering if I have to start a new game, or if I can still get it but have to do something in game to re-trigger it