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  1. Simulated treasure map trading

    How do I send in saves? I have a post game save with the Starlight Express license earned and a few other quests, some DLC items, and all DLC quests.
  2. Simulated treasure map trading

    Okay, copying the data from Due's save into mine was a bit of a pain as I had to type it in manually (copy and paste would be an awesome addition if there's ever another update to the save editor ... not that it isn't awesome as is) but it did the job. Also noticed that my Windows 7 didn't recognize the correct date of my AR save until I saved it again in the Save Editor - then it registered the correct date the save was made with AR. (that's using the micro SD card, not the cable you can update the AR with). So if you're getting the wrong date on your saves showing up on your computer try that. Thanks a bunch Due! I will put up my most recent save to the main site - look for Victoria's Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest IX, or at least that's how it shows on AR.
  3. Simulated treasure map trading

    Yes, I will be using Action Replay (DSi version) and the save editor on PC. I think I will try out that save you mentioned, and type in the requisite info into the save I've built up on my own from playing and a little tinkering with the save editor now and then to compensate for my home wi-fi being incompatible with the cart settings, unlike with proper DSi enhanced software.
  4. Simulated treasure map trading

    MelonGX, I am indeed interested in that map you mentioned, so please post the necessary details of your map here! As for the rest of you who wish to tag in real life ... I'm afraid I'm nowhere near you, and, sadly, will not be going to the land of the Women's World Cup 2011 champs anytime soon ... What I was asking for is your hero's name, map name, level, etc. that one needs for the save editor, if you are familiar with that. You can download it from the main Dragon's Den page, as well as an off-line map searching tool. Go under 'grottoes' and type in the discovered by, conquered by, level, map type, treasures plundered, and the map name. I could of course just put in whatever I wanted, but would prefer to use real user names (that is, the names you've given your lead heroes/heroines) and such, rather than just picking myself the best of the best from Darth Vader or whatever I can think of. In this manner I can best simulate actually tagging and receiving a map as if it were done in person. Unfortunately, even at an anime convention or video game store it's hard to tag as there are so few people playing the game at the time you are. In fact, I was at the Kintoki Con at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento and asked a member of a Japanese band if he had the game, and said yes, but didn't bring it with him! You can see then why this can be so fustrating ... if an avid Japanese gamer who professes to love RPGs doesn't have it on him, then it's apt to be pretty hard to get anything. This goes to show that features that might work out great in Japan don't always work so well elsewhere, or for people who came late to the party, as the final quest is here in the states at last, which means that Japanese folks may have lost interest by now ... hopefully not!
  5. Simulated treasure map trading

    The topic may be a bit odd sounding, but as I've found it hard to get tags and treasure maps even at large events and thus was tempted to use the save editor but it seemed like cheating. Recently I thought, why don't I ask people here for their hero names they use in games, and the requisite completed treasure map info (level, type, etc.) I will start with what I've got - I'm 'Victoria' in the game (no, I didn't know that was an accolade when I named her, but that is neat, eh?) and my conquered maps are - Granite Tunnel of Woe, level 1, discovered by Alex, conquered by Victoria ... same map, but discovered by Victoria as well ... Clay Tunnel of Glee, level 8, discovered by ROFLrice, conquered by Victoria ... Basalt Tunnel of Woe, level 15, discovered by axen, conquered by Victoria. All have Equinox except the last. No particularly interesting treasures or monsters noticed. I need a nature map to fight Moai Minstrels for the Luminary quests, and a map with Atlas for the final sage quest. Please post whatever you've got, with discoverer and conquerer names as they appeared on your DS/3DS. Much thanks in advance!
  6. Daily DQVC updates

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Hopefully any 3ds Dragon Quest game will have WPA support and real downloadable stuff (that doesn't cost real money, unless it's a genuine expansion of the game that programmers couldn't have just crammed in upon the game's release)
  7. Daily DQVC updates

    Oh, yes, that's right! I don't quite know what to do then.
  8. Daily DQVC updates

    A humble request: could anyone who connects to DQVC on a daily or semi-daily basis post what stuff was for sale, how many of each, and, if possible, for how much? If you want to know why, read on below - it's kind of a long explanation. A lot of people, myself included, have had a heap of trouble connecting to the net with Dragon Quest IX. In my case, my router would run WEP just fine on DSi, but my computer didn't take to it at all. The default encryption for AT&T U-Verse 'net service is WPA, which runs much more reliably on my computer. As for hot spots other than my router ( replaced after several vain attempts to get my computer to accept WEP, along with the 2 Wire USB adaptor it came with, for another 2Wire adaptor of a different looking shape) I must walk half a mile to a coffee shop with limited range, or a mile to the nearest bus stop that can take me to downtown, where there are now less usable hot spots than there were years ago, oddly enough), or Arden area, which I haven't really tried. Therefore I decided the simplest thing to do would be to use the DQIX save editor to put it the DQVC exclusive stuff (one of each, unless I know there were more offered in a given period) with pricing based upon a list I saw on this form, which seems about right. I missed the skeleton slacks but got the skull mask (which was put up on two different days on DQVC) and skeleton suit, which made me mad, as the suit just isn't quite right without the slacks. So I put those into DQVC save file, along with the pumpkin head, which goes along well with Halloween that stores have been selling merchandise for about the same time as the Scary Sale on DQVC (I was downtown one day that week, missing the first day of the sale, and then switched briefly to WEP, much to my headache on computer). I would like to only get the stuff offered on a given day, in the amount available for that day, as if regular DS games supported WPA. If that had been the case, I wouldn't be posting this message, as I got the English lang. release about a week after it came out in the USA, so I wouldn't have missed the sharp shades - something else I'm going to put into the save editor. I also put in the Christmas wear, but decided not to actually buy it just yet as the stats seemed much higher than the skeleton outfit's did compared to the gear I had on at the time. I'm guessing they want you to wait for it, when you've gotten further into the game? Dunno. The other gear I saw on sale on DQVC during the Scary Week were mostly three star wear that didn't do much at all to raise my stats compared to what I already had (this was before I got the save editor, mind you). I don't really want to have to use the save editor for anything more than purely cosmetic purposes (such as changing character faces) but I'm at my wit's end, and pissed more so given that there is no real downloadable content other than the weekly theme messages for DQVC and how much of what is available on any given day. All items, equipment, special guests, and quests are already in the game - DQVC is just a way to unlock that material, as are Action Replay and the save editor (much like with Pokemon Blue and Red, which all had Mew and both sets of monsters - no need to go to special events for Mew, or try in vain to find someone else with the opposite color game to trade Pokemon) I've also used it already to fully upgrade the inn. After all, I was out at GameStop for several hours during its map giveaway, and only got 12 people tagged. I thought I might be able to get some more at an anime convention (Sac-Anime is coming up this September, Labor Day week ... does anyone on this board plan to go?) I couldn't get out to Best Buy, as it was in Elk Grove, on a weekend (bus service is only ever hour on weekends, rather than every half-hour) and I had no ride. Why couldn't they have chosen the Best Buy in Natomas (a nice store) or Arden? Not only that, but I hardly ever see anyone playing any RPG around town, and virtually no adult playing DS games outside of anime or comic book conventions. What may have been a great idea in Japan fluked here. I am not going to buy another copy of the game and another DS just to create new characters, get them to Stornway, tag, delete them, and start over and over again, just to get the necessary tags. Sorry for the rant, although I think it sums up a lot of what many people on this board have been thinking.
  9. Whack Stella!

    Found this out from Stella - in battle records she says you can tap the screen instead of buttons, and not to tap her, so I of course did. She spins around.
  10. Starting the game over

    Yes, get Action Replay DSi version. It has option to back up save to micro SD and load save to DQ IX. You can make as many saves as will fit on the micro SD which can support up to 32 gigs. You can also take the sd card put it in regular sd card adaptor(easily found at electronic stores) and then copy the save to computer. You can take a save from computer and put it on ds just in reverse. The DQ IX Save editor can save as .duc which Action Replay uses in case you want to use a save in .sav format you found
  11. Title screen back ground changes

    Saw the title screen change myself. Preety neet - it changes over time like the sky in the game! Kudos to Square-Enix.
  12. Why doesn't my bunny tail show up?

    I was hoping for it to show to others in Stornway Inn, like NPCs in towns, to make for a more lively impression for their tags, as they'll be stuck looking at my lead character Victoria forever whenever they walk past her. At least she looked good in Alena's dress!
  13. Why doesn't my bunny tail show up?

    I have the bunny tail (you can buy it in Zere), as well as the bunny suit from Max Medlin and the ears I alchemized, but I can't get it to show, like it does with NPCs. Is this a choice off attire? I went with black panties (yes, female character) which goes well with the suit, but the tail doesn't show in Equip screen or on the overworld. Any explanation would be helpful.