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  1. is on vacation!

  2. im gonna change my avatar slightly different to yours.... We are goonins Two!!!

  3. If you could add/change...

    You can get halo as a headwear, but it's not a Celestrian halo, so anyone can equip it. It gives you 22 defense, 8 magical might, and 7 magical mending. You never become a Celestrian again. But you can control the Starflight express (if you need to know how just let me know). You can also still interact with Stella, Sterling, and Celestria, but contact with any Celestrians (other than Pavo) is not possible.
  4. Hey everyone!

    Haha, thanks guys. Yeah, I might also go to the general gaming and general chit chat rooms to.
  5. DQVC Bonus Content Thread

    Yeah, it's just annoying to have to do so when evencloths are SOOOO easy to get for lucida shards.
  6. Theifs half inch ability.

    It's different from the coup de grace. It occasionally (not always or even half the time) gives you an extra item drop. Meaning you can get two items from an enemy. The coup de grace forces the enemy to drop an item, but you cannot get two drops unless the thief manual activates.
  7. Wow, my armamentalist is almost exactly the same. 2 levels higher but no courage abilities, and I use a sword instead of an axe. :D

  8. Where do you find moai minstrels?

    Moai minstrels are found in nature and water grottos. The highest leveled person on your team will have to be at least level 60 when you get the treasure map. I can't particularly say what the level of the grotto would have to be. As mentioned before, a level 50 grotto is a good estimate as to when you'll start seeing them. If anyone in your party is level 99 when you get the treasure map, you will be guaranteed to find one somewhere in the grotto.
  9. Hey everyone!

    I just joined this board yesterday when I was looking up something for Dragon Quest IX and saw it. I'll mainly hang around the Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Warrior Monsters rooms. So... hi!
  10. Let me show you a screenshot of what I get: I've tried clicking the button but it just puts me back to the part where I put my healing data in. (Thanks for all your help so far btw.)
  11. I did exactly what you described and got sent to some weird gibberish page.
  12. Terrible Tattoos?

    Well you can't alchemise them, so your only other option is to hope you find them in chests, pots, etc. Or on DQVC. It's better just to steal them, trust me. Train each party member a few levels as a thief to get half inch, and spam it as much as possible. It won't take long.
  13. Terrible Tattoos?

    Best I can say is to steal from various enemies. For example, Manguinis, Bloody Manguinis, and Barbatoses. Barbatoses are arguably the easiest as terrible tattoo is their common drop, but if you're not done with the game, Manguinis will work fine.
  14. Well, the link isn't broken, but I can't figure out how to use it. I put in my numbers and click "search", and it just puts me to this page: http://www20.atpages.jp/dq9tools/hoimi.cgi