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  1. Alchaid

    I was miffed to see them selling cowpats. Seriously. Wtf.
  2. Alchaid

    Do the Alchaid weeks make you go "argh!"? I mean, sometimes it's nice to pick up a couple extra thunderballs and ice crystals, but other than that I roll my eyes and pray that the following week will be something exciting. Anyone agree?
  3. Revocation?

    Here's a tip: You might wanna get out and meet some REAL girls some time.... Well, there's that or you might find what you're looking for elsewhere on the net. :/ Here's a tip: You might wanna stop judging anonymous people you don't know on a message board. You have no clue what their real life is like and posts like this make you come off like a snobby, stuck up b****. If you're really a female that is. Everyone knows that on the internet, girl stands for Guy in Real Life. Lol. This makes me giggle. (Does this mean women don't use the internet?) Wait. They shouldn't. They should be making sandwiches. Dang. Sorry guys, gotta go make some sandwiches. Anyway, can you revocate before 99?
  4. DQIX Save Files

    When using DeSmuME, under the config menu, change the save type to EEPROM 512Kb. If the save file loads successfully, it will automatically be converted to a .DSV format save file and you won't need to fiddle with the save type in the config menu again after that (unless you use a different .sav file). Thank you!
  5. Yay! I'm excited. What will they be judged on?
  6. DQIX Save Files

    So I downloaded the pack of 30 save files, and I've tried loading them into my emulators (I have no$GBA and DeSmuME) and every file I put in it says the save is corrupted. I've even tried renaming my save files to match my .nds file exactly. Still no dice. Please help?
  7. Dragon Quest IX - Save States

    I just tried a bunch and had no problem. I can't download them either. I just get a bunch of random characters and webdings. :/ Tried in Firefox too--same thing.
  8. Rarity

    Wait, so I can't give a Mercury's Bandana to another player, but I can give away Sterling's Whistle? xD Someone test this, please. I have yet to get my second copy of the game. xP
  9. Rarity

    Halo: Three star rarity. Mercury's Bandana: Two star rarity. Sterling's Whistle: One star rarity. Wait, what?
  10. DQVC

    I had to change my home wireless from WPA to WEP. I could connect to the internet with WPA, but it wouldn't connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi. It wasn't that hard, and totally worth it.
  11. Things to do post-game

    Ah! Thanks! I figured that's what it was. I guess I just have to be patient and grind a lot so I can reach the rad stuff. I have plenty of grotto maps. Guess I just need to keep trudging through them until I get some badass ones.
  12. Things to do post-game

    So I'm in the post-game and have already beaten Llevithian (sp?) again. After exploring all the places I couldn't previously reach, I'm at a dead end. There's a sleepy dude at the top of a tower. That's about it. What kinds of things do you guys do during the post-game? I'm just training my dudes and trudging through grottoes and doing quests. Is there anything else to do?
  13. How did you do it? (Spoilers)

    Thanks guys! After a lot of absent-minded training, I finally beat him! And Llevithian (sp?) was a cinch afterwards too!
  14. What is your Grotto Strategy?

    I kind of wander around until I find the stairs. Then I just go down them. I used to go all the way around until I completed the map, but it was so time-consuming and I only got blue chests anyway.
  15. How did you do it? (Spoilers)

    Where do you get Erdricks Sword? A quest? You can find a Rusty Sword in the Realm of the Almighty, after Corvus takes it over. You alchemize it with Orichalcum and Glass frit to turn it into Erdrick's Sword. Is the rusty sword a drop or a chest? Its in a chest, WHOA i just realized your in mesa THATS COOL another person who plays dragon quest who lives close to me xD We should hang out some time and tag! Guess I need to go find that chest then!