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    Main Intrest: Video games, drawing, character/monster designs, mythology (of all kinds) and story telling.

    Secondary intrest: Cartoons, both western (USA/CAN) and eastern (JAP), ancient cultures, different cultures in general.

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  1. Intresting, hope you upload the other party chat info soon. I wanna know a bit more about the rest of the cast. And if possible, a bit more about Meena, even if she seems like the type to keep to herself/be quiet most of the time. Maya being childish doesn't suprise me a bit, especially after reading her quote in the Femyscira Dungeon/Jail Cell. Torneko is a funny man, and you can see it by appraising a few certain items, also his "Murphy's Law" mention when you put him in the jail cell. Kyril being afraid of heights calls for some humourous fan art. > I always pictured Psaro as being a sort night elf rather then a vampire/demon. the tsundere thing was a bit expected really, seeing his relationship with Rose and his hatred towards the humans who wish to take her for their greedy wants. Do hope you update this thread. soon.
  2. Dammit, Japan...

    So it was scandalous back then. I still find the concept somewhat cute rather then perverted. Then again the manga/novel is a hentai doujinshi so innocent thoughts like that are pretty much null and void. EDIT: What exactly is it that you mean by "Deborah"? True, but as you have said yourself, Japan does contribute quite the large number for said rule, especialy in this day and age.
  3. Now here's a real woman!

  4. Dammit, Japan...

    ...I've seen worse. Much, much worse. Heck I was expecting something truly scandelous when I read the topic title. Then again I had a feeling I was going to be dissapointed, this is pretty much your every day thing in Japan. Personally, I just find this "daaaw, little girl want's to be like her mumsy" tame.
  5. Contest #61 - Results

    Would have done it but I felt lazy and decided not to...also I have no digital camera. Unless you count the one on my cellphone, but...urgh. Crap quality is crap.
  6. Unacceptable names

    Well around here (Puerto Rico) its a derregatory slang term used by rockers, geeks, etc. when referring to a person (mostly a teenager) who is obsessed and/or addicted to regueton music. [Regueton is of course the puerto rican version of rap, not to be confused with reggea music] Some are know to be a tad bit obnoxious and ignorant. Though I kinda doubt it would be that.
  7. What are you currently playing?

    Currently playing Dragon Quest IV [DS], with a bit of DQ XI on the side. In IV I'm in Torneko's chapter, trying to get those 6 Steel Swords and Iron Armor. In XI, doing some quests and trying to find a grotto with at least one Metal King Slime...I've been very unlucky so far.
  8. Who else loves Teeny Sanguini?

    Actually Sanguinis DO try to bite your head off. And it's SOOO cute! I do like them. Cute enemy that tries to kill you. Oops, I had a feeling I worded that wrong. What I meant to say in that last bit was that the Sanguinis, unlike Moogles, have that adorable little demon tail and try to bite your head off. Sanguinis are cute and deadly DQ/DW monsters...and they're good singers to.
  9. I started with VIII and instantly got intrested in the series.
  10. Hello there, folks

    Velcome to the Den, Mr.Moonwulf. I hope you enjoy your stay here and get help with various of your Dragon Quest/Warrior related problems. Feel free to post in our many topics and share your opinions and thoughts with us.
  11. Who else loves Teeny Sanguini?

    <*Points at his own avatar* Pikachu rip-off? Really? They look closer to the Moogles from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series. Minus the closed eyes, red nose, trademark red cotton ball attached to their heads, and the fact that they don't have little demon tails...or try to bite your head off with large razor sharp teeth for that matter.
  12. What manga are you reading?

    To put it short. If you like things like Bleach, One Piece and the like, unique looking character designs and places, you'll probably end up liking this manga. Do note though, that the first few chapters have a bit of fan service (not like that High School of the Dead anime/manga but a bit close to it), but later the author decides to focus solely on the other aspects of the series. I would also really recommend reading the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series.
  13. Metal medley's

    Theres two methods that makes taking down the metal slime family a bit easier. Like Nes Erdrick mentioned, best way to kill them off is with attacks that have a 50% of being a critical hit. Second best method (which is the one I use most of the time) is using multi-hit attacks, sometimes combined with metal attacks. Earliest multi-hit skill I know of is Flailing Nails [Claws]. Other skills would be Multi-thrust, Fan Dango, Have a Ball, and some others I probably don't know about.
  14. What manga are you reading?

    I'm currently reading Claymore, One Piece and Soul Eater. Also read Detective Conan on and off. I'm also waiting for next chapter of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. Mangas that I have finished reading are the whole Jojo's Bizarre Adventures series, 7 in all (6 if you don't count the current Steel Ball Run of course) and Fullmetal Alchemist.
  15. Games you used to love but don't anymore

    Games that I loved but then lost intrest as time went by? I think I have a few. Sonic Adventure 2 I used to love playing this game over at my friends house. Most of the time we spent half an hour or so playing multi-player. A few months ago I bought the game in Gamestop and replayed it for old time sakes...then I realised the game is quiet bad. Though the Sonic, Shadow and Eggman stages are enjoyable. The rest are a bit irritating. For some reason playing as Tails seemed to be worse than playing as the doctor. Maybe it's because I don't see Tails being couped up in a robot since we all know he is much more mobile and athletic than the fat bellied antagonist. And even though the kid is good with machines, I don't see him as Eggman's mirror character. As for the Knuckles and Rouge stages? They were tolerable at first but got annoying after every stage. It also didn't help that I was having more fun with the Chao Garden than the main game itself. Final Fantasy I just kinda lost intrest in the series after a while. Plus I kinda find most of their monster designs a tad bit generic. Mega Man...Battle Network True, I only played 1 and 3 (3 being my favorite for the extra bosses after you beat the game the main story). But like FF, I kinda lost intrest in the other games as time went by.