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  1. Revocation?

    Question, is the selection of the environment of the map random or is there a way to influence it by doing certain maps? I've collected about 18 or so maps so far and 90% of them are ruins environ.
  2. Happy Go Lucky

    Bad/Good news for me and a ton of good news for you folks. As I hoped against earlier, I did end up missing the 3333 mark, checking at 3335. However I just now opened my battle records and received 'Happy Go Lucky' accolade. I knew for a fact I was nowhere near 4444 battle victories and confirmed myself at 3858. I sat there thinking 'wtf?' for all of 5 seconds when I looked down and saw 222 Times Alchemy Performed. That's right, Happy Go Lucky is NOT tied to battle victories but probably any stat in the battle records window!
  3. Treasure Map Question

    I've been noticing that on each of my maps in the lower right it has a Treasures Plundered section. On all my completed maps, the first line is 'Treasure Map - 100%' but the next two lines are always ?????????? on every one of my maps. I first assumed that it meant ya could only go to each map three times in total or receive 3 map rewards from completing a grotto but after doing a second run through one I had done, it still had ??????????? for the two bottom fields. My current assumption is that those fields are the rare boss drops (2, 5, 10%, etc.). Has anyone else gotten these to fill in and what are they exactly?
  4. Your Best Map

    So far my best one is the one I just completed, Iron Dungeon of Glee Lv36. Floors 1-4 have a very common rate (~50%) of finding goodybag groups of 2-4 for some nice gold grinding. I also saw some LMS's on Floors 6 and 8 but very uncommon.
  5. Possible Quest Guide Omission

    If I remember correctly, when I first got to Upover it still said "You can't currently accept this quest." On this Japanese site:Site, which I used Google Translator on, it says on Quest 121, "Conditions: "Prison Kadesu" has been able to move freely". I'm guessing that "Prison Kadesu" is the Goretress, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas? I can't give exacts but I can say that it showed this quest can't be accepted for the longest time. However I did accept and completed it yesterday and I have yet to enter the final dungeon. So I'm guessing its tied to either the Gortress or Gittingham Palace.
  6. A warning about Quest 107

    I made this quest such a pain for myself. Only my paladin knew pincushion at the time and even when I made her a Lv1 mage with no armor equipped she still would receive only 7-8 damage (1-2 returned via pincushion). I ended up having to slowly whack the enemies with my priest until I knew they had ~10 hp left then whistle with my paladin and hope for the best.
  7. Happy Go Lucky

    Thanks for bringing this up, I just checked in my game and I'm at 3280. Just gotta be sure not to pass by 3333 without looking.
  8. So I'm wrapping up grabbing all the passive Deftness boosts for my Armamentalist and I'm figuring out which stat to go for next. I'm currently split on whether to go for Strength or Magical Might. I'd go for Strength to boost my bow damage but I'm not sure if Magical Might has any impact on the class' Fource spells and the other spells (i.e. Oomph) it learns through the levels. Is there any point in boosting a Armamentalist's magical might at all if he's never intended to be any of the magical attack classes?
  9. Best vocation for your hero?

    Aiming to have my hero as a Gladiator for end-game and post-game multi. I've been cherry picking all the useful passive stat boosts from other class sets. Eventually will max out Shield to up his survivability as well.
  10. Quest 35 - All Dolled Up

    Okay so something seriously must've bugged out. I went and canceled the quest and restarted it and the very first badboon I saw, I first stole another magic beast hide but instead of saying that he wasn't carrying anything more; my second steal attempt nabbed the long elusive ragdoll. I remember an earlier quest allowing ya to keep trying to steal quest items even if ya had already stolen the normal drop but I always saw the message that the badboon was carrying nothing more during those long hours. At least its nice to find a workaround in case this bug rears its head again for another quest.
  11. Quest 35 - All Dolled Up

    Is it possible ya could go into more detail on what ya were doing when the ragdoll occurred? What time of day was it in-game? Where on the plains did ya fight the badboon? Which character did the snoozing? Which character did the half inching? I'm literally at my wits end after spending 5 straight hours on this quest, stealing another 40 hides and 25 rubies. I want to move on and continue the story but refuse to until I complete the quest.
  12. Quest 35 - All Dolled Up

    Anyone else have troubles with trying to complete this quest? I've been working on it for roughly four hours now and still have not been able to swipe a ragdoll off a sleeping badboon. I've managed to collect over 20+ magic beast hides and raging rubies apiece but no sign of any ragdolls so far. :\ My current setup when I face one is: Gladiator - Defend / Attack once item is stolen Armamentalist - Snooze / Half Inch / Attack once item is stolen Priest - Snooze / Snooze once asleep to extend Sleep / Attack once item is stolen Thief - Defend prior to sleep / Half Inch / Attack once item is stolen Does extending the sleep deeply enhance the chance or any other things noticed that increase the drop rate of the quest item? I really want to finish this quest and move on with the main storyline.