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  1. Ashlynn

    Cool, now she and the Hero would fit together as Hero/Heroine lolThat's exactly what I was going for with her, I also want to have them go through the dragon class once they both finish the hero job tree. On a side note, who did you guys decide to take as your 8th member (if any at all). I chose Lizzie. She's tough as, well... a dragon!
  2. Ok, so most heroes never really have official names but that doesn't mean they don't have names floating around out there so I wanted to ask what names you all know. So far here's what i've found. Dragon Quest II: The Prince-Princeton The Princess-Princessa (these names were used for them in DQ9) Dragon Quest III: Hero-Erdrick (this is more of my opinion, Erdrick should be his/her name, Loto/Roto should be his/her title) Dragon Quest V: The Boy-Ten The Girl-Sora (names given in manga) Dragon Quest VI: Hero-Botsu (name given in manga) Dragon Quest VII: Hero-Arus (name given in manga) Dragon Quest VIII: Hero-Eight (name used for square-enix action figure) Anyone able to add any other names? (be it for the ones i've done or the ones i've missed)
  3. Ashlynn

    The Ashlynn Appreciation Topic! lol Already mastered Sage and now i'm working on Luminary, then I plan to have her tackle the Gladiator job tree. She will be my next hero soon enough.
  4. My Gamestop sucks! I preordered my game with the book and they had no idea about the plush. I ended up missing out again.
  5. Ashlynn

    Dang, I really didn't want her to get too far ahead of the rest of the team in levels. Oh well, guess I got no choice but to deal with it. Now I have my next hero. Its my first ever playthrough of DQ6 and I'm loving it! Thanks for the fast reply guys!
  6. Ashlynn

    So i'm trying to remove her from my team at Patty's Party Planning Place but Patty keeps telling me Ash still has some unfinished business to deal with and won't let me drop her off. Anyone else have this problem? Did I mess something up?
  7. A few quickies

    Im an @$$! I cant believe Ive never seen the translations page... It is missing the Roto trilogy for the SNES though but you said yourself that it hasn't been updated in a while. What exactly do you need to update them? Maybe I can send them your way if I have them. As for the guides, I say go for them! I understand you cant do recent ones but the older ones would be great! I also think everyone should really consider the forum split. I think it would work very well.
  8. A few quickies

    Maybe the games should be separated into different forums. Not too spread out but maybe a forum just for the Erdrick/Loto/Roto Trilogy, a forum for the Zenithian trilogy (not just the DS versions but all versions of the game), a forum for the rest of the games (7, 8, 9 and 10) and so on. I think this would help prevent cluttering of the general DQ/DW forums and make it easier to find or make topics relevant to the particular games your looking for faster. Also I wanted to know if its possible to host the translations for the JPN DQ games? If not then perhaps links to them? Just thought id see if anyone else thinks this might be worth considering. I love this site and I only want to see it continue to grow stronger and better with age. Thanks! Also would it be possible to have the PDFs of the strategy guides for the games?
  9. Looking at the votes I doubt that would be an issue. Accolade Ranks seems like its gonna take the win. Then again, a lot can happen from now till Monday.
  10. The Accolade Ranks is so creative! I have to go with that one.
  11. I really want to know how this all plays out out in the grand design of things. I'm almost positive they have never made and official one but does anyone here know how the timeline would go? (I always guessed its all taking place in the same world just at different times-not an alternate reality kinda thing)
  12. Thanks so much guys. Got just what I needed. Its very much appreciated.
  13. Does anyone out there have a legit save with Aquila and the others unlocked on the team that they would be willing to share, (preferably with their starting equipment)? If so please let me know, got a small project going on so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. That is one amazing start! I never thought id see anything like that. Can't wait too see how the final product turns out. (even if it is a while away)
  15. Do you wanna date my avatar? ;)