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  1. So I got this map...

    Ah, I see, so he's a legacy boss. Interesting, but I used eye for trouble, and he can drop a mini-medal, a pair of Alfred (or how ever you spell it) boots, and a red orb. And Legacy bosses drop maps at level 16, I have some more killing to do. Oh, and also, I soloed it, I just have awesome shield skill.
  2. So I got this map...

    ...And it takes me strait to the boss chamber, and waiting for me is the Dragon Lord. It was a pretty awesome fight, I got full tension and used Gigaslash to finish him. I managed to kill him and he got back up and wanted the exp from the fight. Is there any point in letting him level up other then a tougher fight?
  3. How flexible is dressing up in this game, exactly?

    I wouldn't say you need a giant stat boost, but effects from equipment, like being immune to death magic, is kind of nice. I would use the best weapons and shields you can, but other then that, you really don't need it. I've been soloing and wearing cool looking stuff rather then having good defense, I haven't had too much of a problem.
  4. Treasure Map Dungeon Locations

    Woo! You are awesome!
  5. Special guest arrived

    Yeah, I was disappointed at the items too, but at least we got Alena's dress, it gives a nice defense boost for the girls on your team.
  6. tell us about your team

    I only have two permanent party members, the hero, Ovan, who is a Martial artist, and a mage named Ashley. Ovan Ashley Male Female type 1 Type 2 type 1 type 9 type 2 type 1 type 7 type 4 type 3 type 4 type 6 type 5 I tried to make this Ashley look as much like an Ashley I know.
  7. One save file is inexcusable!

    Yeah, I'm a little pissed about the one save slot thing. I just really screwed up my already beaten game (I forgot the locked door in the observatory and alchemized stuff I didn't want.) and my last save at a church was when I first got to Stornway. Quicksaves are convenient, but don't think they are great for everything.
  8. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU- I didn't find the sword, and I have already beaten the game. Does anyone know of a way I can still find it?.
  9. I started with two, a minstrel and a mage. It was strangely easy after my mage learned midheal, how ever when I got to Alltrades I went and got myself a martial artist. I then unlocked sage and gladiator, I upgraded my mage and made the minstrel a gladiator after he was a shield master.