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  1. DW7 Patch?

    Well, big thank you anyways. I'll keep on trying somewhere else
  2. DW7 Patch?

    Ok so you people don't even have some kind of advice or something I could do to play it? Aren't you even going to flame the n00b or something?
  3. Hello everyone. I've got a little problem I hope you guys can solve or give me some lead. I'm in Europe and by random chance I got myself a DW7 import at a thrift store. My PSX obviously doesn't execute NTSC games, so I made an iso and tried that PAL4U prog. Applied the patch, burned and all but it was bullcrap. I was wondering if anyone would keep some old PARADOX patch for DW7 or something that would work for it. Yes, I know about emulation but I want to play the game on the console. I hope you can help me because I've used a handful of PAL converters and crap like that and nothing works like those old patches. Import Player does nothing as well.