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  1. That I do. I see you have recognition.
  2. A very very errant thank you for last year's "Happy Birthday", I haven't been on in quite awhile... so thank you!

  3. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted (lol I've been expecting it for two days), but it was 8 times bigger than you and ate you. I wish for a dish.
  4. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted, and you are eaten by me. I wish it wasn't HOT!
  5. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted, Joker 2 now comes out 4 days before your 90th birthday. I wish I didn't have a shin splint.
  6. Corrupt a dream!

    You do better than math next year, but sadly you get a 59 for final grade. I wish I wasn't sweating.
  7. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted, but your grammar grew even worse. I wish I had more energy.
  8. DQ characters in super smash bros?

    How about a universal hero. Same moveset, but the different colors are different hero's instead.
  9. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted, but your wish ended up killing us all. I wish I was so fatigued.
  10. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted, they just don't know how to use them. I wish I wasn't so tired.
  11. 2 final choice of games

    You should get Galaxy 2 then.
  12. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted, but you need to turn it on first. To do that, the remote needs to tell you to do so. Endless loop of you doing nothing. I wish my friend wasn't so suspicious of me.
  13. Dragon Warrior 7, help.

    Starting over from there would be hell!