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  1. Legacy Guest's arrival times

    Is it possible to get her hair >.>?
  2. Endgame Title (may contain spoilers)

    I got completely potty. "You really love mixing it up with old Krak Pot dont you? it's like I always thought you're Completely Potty!"
  3. So.... who else got KILLED by Zoma?

    I didnt last long either -_- all his hits did a little over 300 damage to each of my character I was down before I knew it.
  4. I went to the event around 1. There was a small group of around 7 or so. One of the employees was also playing the game and was giving out shirts posters and stickers. I didnt make it in time to get the shirts sadly. I was kinda shy and felt sort of out of place with the group but after I while I chatted a bit with them and I played with this one guy who was level 99. After a while a few more people showed up. I actually had to stay there until six since I was stuck without a ride but some people came after 4 so yeah it was pretty good. All in all a good day ended up with 21 tags!. Hopefully ill get the last 9 I need in the best buy event.
  5. Northern Ohioans

    Oh opsy sorry -_-' I just figured since you asked you thought everyone >.>'
  6. Northern Ohioans

    Im going to the one in lyndhurst in newjersey hopefully someone with the mayuki map will be there -.-
  7. Japanese Treasure Maps

    Argh now I have another problem my ds isnt reading the emulators tag mode any ideas -.-? Nevermind I feel stupid I just realized that im guessing I need a flashcart to even pass this stupid map this ruined my day now >_>
  8. Japanese Treasure Maps

    How do I make this save work with desmue >.>?
  9. Sounds really complicated anyone tested it out yet?
  10. Faster Metal Slimes in Quarentomb

    Heres a video of what hes talking about except in another dungeon and with liquid metal babbles its a good spot to train to 50
  11. Japanese Treasure Maps

    Ohh I have the rom on my computer so maybe I can get the map for my ds too
  12. Tell us about your hero

    Mines a female with the blonde ponytail purple eyes named Liane. Shes what I consider the klutzy heroine
  13. Coup de Grace

    It lasts longer depending on your level I think the max it lasts is 9 if your in your 50s+
  14. Anyone else overwhelmed...

    Once they opened up the jack trade abbey? I sure am ughhh so many choices!!
  15. Dragon Quest IX's Multiplayer is amazing

    Ugh I have the same problem -_- None of my friends play it