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  1. DQ6 DS Menu translation

    Ya didn't ask till now... :: Sets character limit to 8 injectbytes %1 CE641 08 Thank ... you're a nice guy. And how's your translation? You will translate all the game? Is there expected to be launched?
  2. DQ6 DS Menu translation

    Hello, I managed to add the characters in the alphabet. But I can not almentar spaces to create the name with 8 digits. How do you do? And where is place the address in the rom? Thank you very much.
  3. DQ6 DS Menu translation

    Olá, eu também estou traduzindo para português-brasil, como vc modificou esta parte do alfabeto? onde esta localizada na rom? Muito obrigado... desde já agradeço.
  4. DQ6 DS Menu translation

    Hello, download pre-petch, please.