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  1. DQM: J2 Box Art

    wow great cover, I hope we get the same one when the game comes out of Japan
  2. oh come on guys, dont be so negative, this are great news! although as an european we will have to wait until december 2010 probably...
  3. New DQMJ2 scan 2/24

    thats a good thing, gem slime is too good...although its weird that dark dream is only 1 slot...
  4. Stadium Events ebay auction

    wow 22.300 dollars? good luck I guess
  5. Dragon Quest bar video

    cool, that place is better than I expected it to be, although it sucks that is so crowed...but I guess thats also good as it shows how popular it is and maybe they will open other similar bars
  6. Dragon Quest article on 1up

    That was a good read, I completely agree with what that guy says, he describes one of the reasons why DQ is so great. That said the picture is from DQIX (from a bigger wallpaper in fact) those are various NPCs that you encounter in the game
  7. new DQMJ2 scan 2/14

    I have been thinking about that and now believe that it could be great, bigger monsters more then likely are going to attack at least twice per turn, and it makes sense for final bosses to be 3slots big because they are more powerful
  8. Joker 2 screenshots released

    well thats looks pretty go...wait what? reed dragon is now a 2-slots monster? Mmm I dont know If Im going to like that,I hope they can keep the balance with the big monsters
  9. Favourite Plot Elements?

    yep I agree, the hero´s lack of personality is very important for me also but my favourite has to be that it is never obvious where to go next, or that there isnt a helper character telling you where to go and what to do every second, you have to take your time and speak to the npcs, in most other Rpgs this is completely unnecesary because the important plot points are explained in cutscenes or in dialogue that you cannot miss so the npcs never have anything interesting to say, while in DQ YOU have to find out what is going on,thats the thing I like the most in these games
  10. Joker 2 is Coming

    oh man I havent even finished Joker yet and a second one is coming our way oh well I am liking joker very much anyway, this should be good
  11. haha wow thats great, those actors are spanish like me and I ve read that it was recorded very close to where I live in Andalucia VICTORIAAAAAAAAA
  12. Hello?

    well that was a nice welcome thank you and see you around the forum!
  13. Hello?

    Hi all! Im a DQ fan from Spain, as you probably know Europe got totally ignored when it came to DQ games until recently, Im 23 now and I was starting to lose faith in videogames, they didnt interest me anymore I though I had outgrow them or something, but one day and just by chance I got to play DQIV on the DS and holy crap it was awesome, I heve become addicted to the series since then, buying all the games that came over here and downloading old ones. I just beat DQ8 (with a save of over a 100 hours) and Im now playing through DQV DS. Anyway nice to meet you all this forum looks like a very nice place to discuss about this series, which is pretty much the only videogames I play anymore