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  1. i can tell you im not longer rejecting dqx mimas. i want to play it. now im more worry that dqx will have small community of players if we do get it. i worry about the game being full of kids that dont know anything about the games. i worry about the limits of the party chat i hear about. aside from these things i want to play the game
  2. Not a solid hit

    as others say, it sell great for mmo in japan. but i feel the game will doing really bad in the west. square enix must increase the "free time" in the west to 3-4 hours, and let us choose what time to play the game, for the game to be decent succes over here, otherwise it going to bomb imo. also it will be wise if square enix emphasise the "dragon ball " connection to the series like they did for dq8 as dragon ball is popular in the west and there is no dragon ball z mmo in the west... it can be selling point.
  3. 1. make it longer than dq7, with dq8 graphics level or better 2. make new kinds of "tension" levels beyond 100 make them look unique from each other, let the monsters have new kinds of "tension" as well. 3. let us "speak" with the boss as in shin megami tensei series. if we scared the monster his defence/attack power going down.. and other status effects. dont force it on players that dont want it hve spell to disable it. 4. have a party chat in the middle of battles as in dq7 5. let us chose if we want "defualt hero" or let us create him. 6. let us choose what to say to npcs. 7. have books like allways but make them longer as in "skyrim" let us steal them. 8. make the world and citys more interactive in nature. full of minigames. beyond the casino, 9. let the hero (and only him) to move in the battlefield and push monsters away. let them do it for him too. 10. let players to install it on the wii u somehow and play on wii u if they want. 12. well done square enix.
  4. guys/girls i hate to say this but there is nothing we can do to make square bring dq10. i honestly think that square want to make dq series AAA series oversea, but dq10 is mmo. the cost of the production is high. square will bring dq10 if they believe they can market it to the mmo crowd in the west, as for now most of the hardcore dq fanbase don't want to pay a fee for the game, most of the gamers in the west, maybe dont even will want to pay for the disc. there is no pc version to speak of.... no matter how you looking on it, square will lose money on the game, in the west. dont get you hopes high
  5. Boss Battle: Swordmaster Oren

    The initial leg of the game is offline but after that ends and your main character moves to the online story you can continue offline play as the sibling you create. I think Mimas tossed "Oomph" my way during the fight actually. The Job system works very similarly to 9 but you can't hoard un-used skill points for other classes. Purchased skills do carry over though. oh i will watch the video again looking for "oomph" saigan, how the citys in the game? there are many npc to speak to? i know you dont speak japanse but ... also is true, that is very hard to survive in the battles without group? cause many pepoles who plays the game keep saying so, but i watch some videos, and i see some dude kick ass of the monsters when he alone.
  6. Boss Battle: Swordmaster Oren

    wow, after see the video, i want to try the game it was cool when you guys protected mimas, when you push the boss. i still want to see my buff/sap spells, how the job system work? like 9 ? p.s the boss theme is $#!&ing epic
  7. Dragon Quest X News Thread

    the battles end too fast imo. it look like the groups of enemies are gone you battle 2-3 monsters and that it. ps. for those who play. i can play entirely with the keyboard? and i can create hybrid Character?, i mean one that can both heal and attack? and what about buff and dbuff? they in the game? cause i dont see anyone cast them. thanks everyone/
  8. i love to speak with npc it part of the charm of draque games. i get stuck in dq7 because the puzzles in the first temple. i really bad at puzzles that why i never play zelda games, i always get stuck in zelda. the part with the temple simply feel out of place for me, for dragon quest game. belive my i try to slove the puzzle in the temple for days and simply don't get it. it really bad design choice.
  9. damn, kandar said that it will be in the castle. and i search for it there for days. but i just didn't find it. so i think he lie to me or something. damn.
  10. yes, i just delete my save of dq3 few days ago. i was right before the last Dungeon. and for some reason lost my Patience. i think that because i was so close to the end, and want to beat it. i delete the save because i watch someone get to zoma castle, and it spoil the last bit of the game for me. now i feel soory, that i didn't put dq3 aside. and return to it in later time. cause my save was truly legenardy. ps. i didn't get into dq7. because those first 3 hours, which it shame i sure it one of the best games in the series. my problem is that if i look at wallktrough in games, it just kill my enjoyment.
  11. hey guys, first of all. i must say that dragon quest is my favorite game series of all time. the thing is that i just don't finish dq3 or 9. in 9 i quit in the final boss. and today, i quit from dq3. just before i got the rainbow drop to reach for zoma castle. everyone was level 53. it superb game. i quit the game because i can't find the damm sun stone and it drove my crazy. i search for days, and today breakout, and just watch some dude do it on youtube. it Unbelievable how empty this make me feel today. it happend to you that you just not beat a draque game ? what you do if you just stuck for days? you even start to play other games? you take a break from the game?
  12. Dragon Quest SNES emulation

    i use zsnes, it work the best for me. dq3 remake always crash in snes9x for me. i use it with wireless xbox 360 controller. and it play like a charm. also why to use save states? play it right.
  13. they think that the 4 milion fanbase of the game, will pay to play. but imo, this game gonna sell like the ds remakes 1 milion copies or something.
  14. i loved dq9. i love it more than 5 in fact. i think the main story was very well done while it last. hell i alomst cry at the marion bloom quest (the girl with the doll) there was something very emotional in this game. my only pain with it, is that i wish the main story to be as long as dq8 and a real cast with backstories and party chat. they was able to build on the superb promise of the game and miss it. but it stil superb even in this state, it just can be legenardy.
  15. Where does your username come from?

    it my name is mean jordan in hebrew which of course mean the jordan river or something.