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    I love em! ZomaKid turned out really well, and I like Slicer. Keep em coming!
  2. Rpg Maker 2000 help please?

    I recently downloaded RPG Maker 2000 and have been slowly making a little game on it. Everything was going pretty well. However, I turned my computer off after a few days and when I reloaded RM2K again and tested my game the font was all smushed together. I have attempted to google for my answer, but to no avail. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  3. HP 7 part 1

    Waiting might be wise. My friend went to see it the night it came out and someone apparently loudly challenged him to a wizard duel during the course of the movie.

    I like the new warubou type thingymabober. also the new ****+ looks much better and neater than the older squished in 5th star, i like it.
  5. I'm a perfectionist; if a game has random stats and you don't ever get the max stats by leveling all the way, I don't like the idea of never having the VERY best stats. Just mah thing.
  6. Member Ranks

    Captivating Contestmaster perhaps?
  7. Name Changes

    What you did is fine. Thanks!
  8. Name Changes

    I'd like to have my name changed to Unlimited. Thank you!
  9. DQ final bosses Vs. PKMN legedaries

    Then why did you vote for Acerus? Whoooops typo. Meant malroth over arceus
  10. DQ final bosses Vs. PKMN legedaries

    I voted for arceus over malroth simply because it is easier to destroy than to create. It takes time and effort to create and fix things that can be destroyed in an instant. There's no way Arceus's creation could even keep up with malroth's destruction.
  11. Just a question

    Can't argue with the book.
  12. DQIII GBC - Divinegon

    That's true as well, and thanks to one of my fighters having maxed agility (at 255), running from said encounters is a snap. I should also probably say that my Hero was level 99 in this fight. That's actually an odd story in itself, really. One time very early on that save file, I went along a Pachisi track and once fought some monsters on it (relatively easy ones, I may add). When the battle ended, for some reason, my hero skyrocketed in levels (like from Level 15 to somewhere around the upper 50's or low 60's). I dunno what happened, but that is one glitch in the game I didn't mind in the SLIGHTEST. I've had that happen on my file too. From what I remember of what I read on said glitch a long time ago, it seems to occur when you get your strength altered by a ! tile and then get into a battle. Something to do with it storing a variable in the wrong place. It actually is more of a curse than a blessing though; the stats you get leveling up that way are significantly lower than what you'd get if you'd leveled up naturally, so if you want to make your hero stronger you better like seed farming
  13. star keys

    6 sounds right. I haven't broken out my DWM2 in like forever though.
  14. Slime Group photo!

    I don't think shogum existed yet at the time of this image's creation. Not sure though... EDIT: nvm, it did... well either way it was a new enemy at the time so I think that one's understandable.
  15. Hand Crafted DQ monster sprite art

    How about we let him make whatever he wants to make? I don't think there's anything wrong with a simple suggestion or two...