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  1. the rustey sword is found in relm of the mightey (the final level)
  2. Question about DQV and sleep mode

    This happend to me as well, the game shut off when in sleep mode, but my DSI works perfectley
  3. nintendo power rating

    Actualey the problem with multi player is that onley the hoast benifits from it.
  4. nintendo power rating

    God knows why but i got my august isshue in june. the DQ9 rateing was a 9/10. apparentley it got off for having onley one save slot, and a minor flaw in multiplayer, got praise for vertualey everything else
  5. DQ6 on the 3DS?

    I've been thinking today, what if DQ6 was delayed so that it could be relesed on the 3DS? It would be cool if it is, and would explain why VI wasn't at the E3 convention.
  6. Terms That Drive You Nuts

    well, i say i hate, ontment, rowdey, county, paciging, winged, cod mod 2 , tangeren, parachut, and the name dede and elen degenerus becaus she scares me
  7. DQMJ2 trailer posted

    actualy this game dosent have 300 monsters, it has an additional 300 monsters, so 500 in all
  8. post game bosses

    Dq IX has severalpost game bosses so i made a spiffy little list hint: thier mostly cameos ones ive seen psaro nimzo barmose dragon lord dhulemangus orgodimier the master(the only non cameo i know of, he looks a lot like a whale) also probobly in the game haragid( the guy from 2) marloth zoma bishop langa esturk mortamore rapthoen also thiese bosses can have dificulty adjusted (99 dificulty levels) each also plays a remix of thier origanal boss theme
  9. Dragon Quest V Wife Questions?

    i say debora is best cauz she can attack twice per tern and has good instint death spells
  10. Used Price Going Down in Japan

    you guys should play tonic truble. it makes the new zelda look like the holey grail of gaming also in my opinion zelda 2 was the worst. it was the only one i hated
  11. Pre-Ordered Dragon Quest IX

    any how, i pre orderd my copy and they said it would be relesed in late june or early july
  12. Dragon Quest IV "Title"s

    Also in chapter 5, you can get "run away ragner" if you flee from more than 10% of your battles, and in chapter 6 you get "happey ending" for betting ammon the 2nd time
  13. I frequently visit the wii shop and i an very disaponted that they dont have DQ 1 2 or 3. I know 1 and 2 are dated, but thier is no excuse not to have 3
  14. I vote 4 cuz it was the first ive ever played, it was like being in a whole new world
  15. well if you want him, you need gem slime wich stnks because i tried getting one and 60 gameplay hours latter i have one mettel king slime