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  1. I was doing a search for a good DQVIII walkthrough shrine and I was impressed by what was here. I'm glad that there is at least a group of people who would do this for this series. Not many people know about the series, that I know of at least. Most of the time they are real big FF Nuts, not that I'm an exception to be truthful. I see a lot of potential in the site but I had some difficulty finding the contact information for the webmasters. So I thought I would voice my opinions for the site here. I haven't seen much more of the site other than the DQVIII shrine so I will keep with that for the now. 1. It would be good if the Alchemy list was sortable like the armor and weapons listing, but by the name of the ingredients, name of the product, and by type of product. I also think it would be nice if there were pictures on the list as well. 2. I also think that the items, weapons, and armor that can be crafted should have their names link to anchors on the alchemy page. Its just those two things for now. Thanks for listening and thanks even more for being here! Bryar MacGowan