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  1. --and where the Fk are my manners, thank you.
  2. Wouldn't Zenithian Tower be in the same area in both versions of the game? hmm..to be honest...haven't gotten quite that far in this playthrough...
  3. I just noticed they appear (somewhat infrequently near gardenbur) EDIT: err....metal babbles, i mean
  4. I am playing NES, I'm nostalgic Always loved the DW series, and was always kinda pissy about the fact that the FF series seemed to steal the limelight from what to me, is a far superior series. I'm actually leveling up to beat (Ch. 5) Balzak (which coincidentally enough, means scrotum in street Swedish) who keeps handing me my arse.
  5. Sorry to have to ask, but I've just spent about 60 minutes surfing the web trying to find out where these critters are. Any assistance would be appreciated