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    My interests are long romantic walks on a beach and cuddly puppies.
  1. Windows XP

    Which versions of XP takes less resources? Home? Professional? Media Center?
  2. Official Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver topic

    503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request.
  3. Official Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver topic

    I can't wait for it to be released in the US but I'm guessing it won't be here in time for christmas. booo. I'm kinda disappointed with that 10 second video. It was hardly worth watching a bunch of people speaking a language I don't understand. They were showing off the starting 3 like it was something new lol. Leave it to conglomerate gaming companies to tweak,repackage, and re-sell old merchandise. I don't have much room to talk speaking that I'm probably going to buy Silver lol.
  4. Official Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver topic

    I've been out of the pokemon loop since crystal. can you challenge people online yet?
  5. Marvel VS Capcom 2

    No you could do it to the dreamcast and I've heard the PS2 version. I've got Swap Magic so playing burned games isn't a problem. I'd like to play game with Korn's song Thoughtless rather than with jazzy music. Fighting games (to me) need more aggressive music and I personally hate the original soundtrack. Everytime I do a search, all I can find is info on the re-release. Which is how I found out. EDIT: I found a site that tells how to do it but doesn't specify on which console it's talking about. I'm assuming it's talking about the Dreamcast version but I'm gunna try it on the PS2 version anyways. Custom MvC 2
  6. Marvel VS Capcom 2

    I'm looking for information on how to customize the music for the ps2 version. I've been doing some searching but nothing yet so I wanted to ask and see if anyone could help. Also, am I the only one that just found out that MvsC2 is being re-released for the PS3 and 360? Announced release date is June 29th, 2009 Sweet.
  7. Question about Dragon Quest 3

    Does anyone know where I can get list of personalities for reading books?
  8. Question about Dragon Quest 3

    Thanks. Now I need advice. Every time I've played through the game, I've never changed my class but I going to this time. Being as I've always used the same classes every time, I'm not too sure what the others have to offer. What are your suggestions for a party of, Warrior Male Cleric Male Mage Female
  9. Does it lower stats when party members are either killed or resurrected? I know in wizardry 6 you loose 1 point of vitality when rezed
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    Linkin Park Live show Pushing Me Away (soft)
  11. Now Playing

    Band: A Perfect Circle Album: Thirteenth Step Song: The Noose
  12. Corrupt a dream!

    Granted but his soul follows everyone around giving advice where it's not really needed. I wish I had some food.
  13. Esturkdq4's Tournament #13:Best Non-RPG Game

    Dissidia OOT Soul Caliber Castlevania DoS
  14. Avatar Requests

    Thanks! Would you upload a gif? I want to animate my avatar. Probably gunna be a while though since I've been "thinking" about doing it for quite some time lol. Also, did you get my PM Woodus? I asked about uploading my personal photo.
  15. Avatar Requests

    I'd like to make a request for my avatar.