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  1. I'm calling it. DQ6 will be out on Q2 2011. ... Are people going nuts about that in the gamefaqs forum now?
  2. Nintendo 3DS

    I'd like to point out that the Wii launched at the price of 25,000 yen too. The 3DS will likely cost 250 dollars here.
  3. Games you used to love but don't anymore

    Man, tell me about it. The control scheme in MMAC was really $#!&ed up. It's bad enough we have to settle for the analog sticks (the D-Pad on the GameCube was worse!), but they had to make it worse by switching A and B.
  4. hellos

    What's the worst that can happen?
  5. Anybody else psyched for Paper Mario 3DS?

    Didn't even enjoyed Mario World and Galaxy? Really solid games, but to each their own. Anyways, I forgot about that new Paper Mario game coming out for the 3DS. I'm so glad it's not a port and a brand new game instead. I wonder how well they're going to pull off the 3D effects.
  6. New guy here.

    XD Props for the cool avatar. (Best robot master ever) Welcome to the forums!
  7. Unacceptable names

    I'm starting to think the unacceptable name list is global on Wii/DS. I couldn't name myself "Naoshi" in some games like The Conduit, TvC and now DQIX. :/
  8. Why do people worry about such games being all waggle? MH3 actually has pointer controls but they weren't required at all. I'm sure DQX will have pointer/motion controls as completely optional (I can imagine pointer being used for menu screens).
  9. Missing the entire point. It's true that SE ditched the N64 in favor for better space on the PS1 (who can blame them? N64 was very small.) so that was justified back then. But seriously, bringing "space issues" up for RPGs like DQ in this era is laughable because the Wii has 4-8GB of space, it's all what Dragon Quest really needs. Also, I'm curious to where you got that info about the PS3 getting 6 terabytes disks information from. That sounds so damn unlikely considering computer hard drives don't commonly even have 1 terabyte of space.
  10. At E3, DQ VI will be...

    I hope so because the name changes are really awful. And this is coming from someone who started Dragon Quest with the DS remakes. (Although I didn't mind DQ4's name changes at all, but 5 was kind of...ehhhh)
  11. Is this game really worth 40-50$?

    Very. I hate using the D-Pad to move around (while holding the Wii vertically)...and in a 3D game no less. Why couldn't they use the nun-chuck's analog for movement? It'd make much more sense. :/
  12. Ahahahahahaha. No. Not a chance in hell it'll happen. Wel, it's been confirmed since its announcement and has been confirmed again multiple times lately. I don't think DQX is moving from the Wii. I think the only reason why DQ9 went on the DS instead of consoles because it was better suited as a handheld game for its design I guess. Anyways, already own a Wii and I'm ready for DQX! Hope it'll turn out great.
  13. Tell us about your hero

  14. Overall thoughts?

    Uh, what? You say you're not a fanboy and yet here you are calling the PSP an "obvious good console" as if it's a fact. Good job. Wait, so people who prefers the Wii or 360 over the PS3 are fanboys? So what if someone likes them over the PS3? If there's anyone being a fanboy, it's you. You're basically acting like it's fact that the Wii/360 are "waste-o-money" and the PS3 is superior. Guess what? Everyone has their own preferences. I prefer the Wii over the HD consoles mainly because the Wii has more unique exclusives to me and most of the HD consoles I want are on PC. So I guess that makes me a fanboy for having a preference, huh? ...I have no idea where you are going with this.
  15. Overall thoughts?

    I absolutely hate it when people says "THIS GAME WOULD BE BETTER ON CONSOLE X" as if being on a different system would automatically improve it aside from graphics. Plus, putting it on the PSP especially when trying to advertise the game in the west is one of the stupidest ideas especially when the PSP is dead in the western market.