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  1. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    I beat the Ultimate Dragon today no problem,I tried my hands at memory lanes but I am giving up on that because I reached the Dark Servant and despite using kamikaze to get rid of the flame guys like everywhere I checked suggested its never killed both ever.killed one twice,did nothing to either several times and the rest of the time it either damaged both or one and killed neither. I even switched in Angelo and tried Kathwack and could never kill both.This is with everyone being at level 99. I know every boss after is only gonna be worse since everyone suggests using tensioned magic burst and I don't magic burst because I ignored fisticuff's because when I was researching the skill tree's to come up with how I was gonna grow my party every said the fisticuff's skill was the worst skill.So I did everything except Memory Lane including the Estark Photo(obviously),The Stella Photo Quests and completing the bestiary. But I consider myself done and dusted with VIII now so its onto IX for a little bit before taking a break this Friday for Metroid Samus Returns.
  2. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    I am thinking that I am going to go Hero,Red,Morrie and Jessica swapping Jessica with Angelo when necessary. Edited:Update,I just finished all six of the Dragovian Trials.I don't think I am gonna bother with the Ultimate Dragon because that sounds like a nightmare with a very small payoff and from what I heard I probably gonna skip memory lane as well.So other than fighting Rhapthorne again for the new ending I am gonna consider myself pretty much done.So after Metroid Samus Returns,I will finally after all this time be starting Dragon Quest IX.
  3. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    I just beat the main story today,I had unlocked both the Medea and Jessica Ending but while riding in the carriage the game lets you choose,I ended up going with Medea because it makes the most sense.So now all I have left is Dragovian Content and Memory Lane then I will be all done.Hoping I can finish it all by the 15th,for Samus Returns.Then after that I want to start IX though I do want to do SNES Secret of Mana after having done both Sword of Mana last year and Adventures of Mana last month and what with the remake coming next year. I got some grinding to do for Dragovian and Memory Lane but I also have some equipment questions but I asked that in another thread. So if anyone can offer tips and advice it would be greatly appreciated. Another quick question,who should I take with me into Dragovian Trials and Memory Lane and who should I leave behind in the wagon. My plans of the remaining Orichalcum's where to make one more Metal King Armor then the rest will go towards Meteorite Bracers.
  4. End and Post Game Equipment

    I just finished the Altar of Wroth and just finishes upgrading my party's equipment with the gear made with alchemy from stuff bought in Tryan Gully. I hade two pieces of Orichalcum but I used them and I know I get two more in The Black Citadel. Here is my planned equipment for the final dungeon Hero LV 51 (Swords 100,Courage 100,Spears 84) Erdrick's Sword Liquid Metal Armor(later turn it into Metal King with orichalcum found in final dungeon) Metal King Shield Metal King Helm Meteorite Bracer Yangus LV 52(Axes 100,Scythes 100,Humanity 47) Conqueror's Axe Liquid Metal Armor Big Boss Shield Great Helm Mighty Amulet Angelo LV 51(Bows 100,Staves 100,Charisma 45) Odin's Bow Dragon Robe Silver Shield Thinking Cap Agility Ring Jessica LV 49 (Whips 100,Staves 100,Sex Appeal 41) Gringham Whip Divine Bustier\Abiding Blazer\Liquid Metal Saintess Shield Golden Tiara Slime Earrings Timbrel of Tension Red LV 49 (Knives 100,Fans 85,Roguery 49) Uber Miracle Sword(then Liquid Metal Sword made with Orichalcum from Final Dungeon) Kunoichi Costume Kunoichi Headband Saintess Shield Agility Ring Morrie LV 38(Claws 98 ,Passion 50) Dragonlord Claws Liquid Metal Armor Phantom Mask Silver Shield Strength Ring Then here is my plan for the post game content Hero Erdick Sword(then Dragovian King Sword) Metal King Armor (Dragovian) Metal King Shield(Then Dragovian) Metal King Helm (then Dragovian) Argon Ring Yangus Same as end game except we will be turn in his Big Boss Shield into the Big Bad Boss Shield also give him Metal King Helmet Angelo Same as end game except we will get him a Goddess Shield,Phantom Mask and maybe try for a meteorite bracer Jessica Same as end game except getting her a Goddess Shield Red Erdrick Sword(once Hero gets King Dragovian) Kunoichi\Mandarin Dress Kunoichi Headband\Golden Tiara Goddess Shield Metorite Bracer or Templar Captains Ring Morrie Dragonlord Claws (then Orichalcum Claws when I get them) Metal King Armor Phantom Mask Metal King Shield Second Timbrel of Tension How does this planned equipment and accessories setup look? Also who should I take with me and who should I leave behind in the wagon? Any Recommendations? I know I am over leveled for Rhapthorne that happened in when grinding up Red in the Dragon's Graveyard.
  5. I getting reletively close to the end of the main game and I of course plan on doing the post game content so I have been thinking on what my equipment should looking by the end and into the post game.So here is my planned setup. By the way I am currently doing the Monster Arena then grinding equipment from the Baccarat Casino before heading to Empycchu in order to get Empyrea. Edit\Update:I am now at the point where I can head to the Black Citadel but first I plan on doing Altar of Wroth and then after that I have to grind for gold so I can some equipment from tyran gully so I can alchemy so better gear. I know I will get a few pieces of Orichalcum I was think on what I should use it for,I already have one liquid metal sword,the sage stone has been nerfed so I don't need to make a second,I will just stick with the one the game gives you.So I am thinking of making a some Metal King Armor,A Metal King Shield and the Erdrick Sword. Hero(Swords and Spears) End Game Weapon:Liquid Metal Sword Armor:Liquid Metal or Metal King Shield:Metal King Helmet:Metal King Helm Accessories:Metorite Bracelet or Mighty Armlet Post Game Weapon:Dragovian King Sword Armor:Dragovian Armor Shield:Dragovian Helmet:Dragovian Accessories:Argon Ring Yangus (Axes and Scythes) End Game Weapons:Conqueror's Axe,or Heavy Hatchet Armor:Gigant or Liquid Metal Shield:Ogre Shield or Silver Shield Helmet:Great Helm Accessories:Mighty Armlet Post Game Weapons:Conqueror's Axe,Heavy Hatchet or Flail of Destruction Armor:Gigant or Liquid Metal Shield:Ogre Shield or Silver Shield Metal King if I can(Post Game) Helmet:Great Helm Accessories:Mighty Armlet or Catholicon Ring Angelo (Bows and Staves) End Game/Post Game Weapons:Odin's Bow Armor:Liquid Metal or Uber Sacred Shield:Silver Shield or Goddess if I can get him one Metal King if I can(Post Game) Helmet:Mythril Accessories:Metorite Bracele,Catholicon Ring or Templar Captain's Ring Jessica (Whips and Staves) End Game\Post Game Weapons:Gringham Whip Armor:Dragon Robe Shield:Goddess or Saintess Shield or Metal King if I can(Post Game) Helmet:Golden Tiara Accessories:Metorite Bracelet or Catholicon Ring Red (Fans and Knives) End Game Weapons:Liquid Metal Sword,Dryspell Fan or Solar Fan Armor:Liquid Metal Armor Shield:Goddess or Saintess Helmet:Golden Tiara,or Kunoichi Headband then Metal King (Post Game) Accessories:Metorite Braclet,Mighty Armlet or Catholicon Ring Post Game Weapons:Erdrick Sword or Kaleidoscope Armor:Metal King Armor Shield:Goddess,Saintess or Metal King if I can Helmet:Golden Tiara,or Kunoichi Headband then Metal King(Post Game) Accessories:Metorite Braclet,Mighty Armlet or Catholicon Ring Morrie(Claws and Boomerangs) End Game Weapons:Dragonlord Claw Armor:Liquid Metal Armor Shield:Silver Helmet:Phantom Mask Accessories:Metorite Braclet,Mighty Armlet or Catholicon Ring Post Game Weapons:Dragonlord Claw then Orichalcum Claw Armor:Liquid Metal Armor Shield:Silver or Metal King Helmet:Phantom Mask Accessories:Metorite Braclet,Mighty Armlet or Catholicon Ring How does this setup look?
  6. I really hope they come because I would really love to play the remakes for I-III with the new translation but I can't do it on the mobile version because I really hate the forced portrait mode and virtual analog stick.Please bring them to the west it shouldn't be hard since its digital only,and the translation job is already done.I would buy them in a heartbeat because I just can't do it on the mobile its to unwieldy to play.Where PS4 and 3DS version will be perfect hell I would even buy all three on both.
  7. Transfering Internal Memory Card Saves

    I do have one of those I just gotta dig it out of a miscellaneous gaming drawer.I hope its both ways because I want those saves of my Older Brothers Playstation 3 on to my Playstation 3.I looked it up but I could find anything whatsoever about moving internal memory cards saves from PS3 to Another PS3.I've seen plenty about PS1\PS2 to PS3, PS3 to PS1/PS2 or PS3 to PSP and Vita.
  8. I was wondering if it's possible to transfer saves from a PS3 Internal Memory Card to another PS3 and how best to do it.The reason I am asking is because I once had another PS3 it was my Older Brothers and I had some pretty good save games on both of my internal memory cards for PS1 and PS2 Games including one for Dragon Warrior VII near the end of the game.But when my Older Brother moved out he took the PS3 with him.Fast Forward to present day and I know have my own PS3 so I was wondering how would I get my PS1 and PS2 saves off of my brothers ps3 and onto mine.I already have my PS3 Saves because of having PS Plus and the cloud drive. So my question is what is the best way or is it even possible to transfer saves for PS1 and PS2 from the PS3 virtual memory cards to a new PS3 say like by using a usb thumb drive or something like that?
  9. E3 2017 Predictions/Wishes

    I I know exactly what you mean about the game from 2011.As a huge ES fan which should be obvious given my avatar.We all super pissed about the constant milking of Skyrim.Don't get me wrong I love Skyrim but we already got a remaster of the game for Consoles and PC last August.I know some people where expecting an announcement of ES VI which they really shouldn't have.At the very least what many of us wanted was either an announcement of a new IP or maybe even a new Fallout Spinoff like New Vegas or even an ES Spinoff to fill in the wait time between Skyrim and VI which I think is probably gonna be Hammerfell.If all we are going to get are a ports or remasters there a many games people want to see way more than more Skyrim, for example the two most requested are gonna be Fallout New Vegas and Morrowind with Oblivion being pretty close and actually from what I have heard picking more steam amongst the fan base as the years go on.Hell I think people would even take a remaster of Fallout 3,Which I don't have a problem with the game and I personally love it,but I know quite a large group don't care for it. Another Critique I have for E3 this year in general was way too much VR Stuff,its just not a really big user base,I mean you have to buy an at least 250 console or more if you use PC then an over $200 headset plus the game.I don't know what country these executives live in,but here in reality most people aren't doing so hot.So who wants to spend all the money on a fun for a while but gets old fast gimmick. Back to the current train of conversation,I hope really hope its a classic style console or even 3DS JRPG.But the best stuff this entire E3 was The New Wolfenstein,Prime 4 but especially Samus Returns its so good to the series return to form after that misguided trip into Ninja Gaiden/3rd Person Character Action games especially at time when feelings about the genre we turning even harder against it than JRPGS for a lot of people.I know there are Metriod fans out there that hate the Prime Series and its 1st person style and only like 2D and vice versa but I don't got time for that because I got 2 new Metroid Games.I am really hopeful about a revival of the JRPG genre which has kind of struggled these past 7 years outside of stuff that's even more Niche than Dragon Quest
  10. E3 2017 Predictions/Wishes

    Yes a sequel to Blue Dragon or a Blue Dragon like game especially if Toriyama does the art again.I would be so down for that.I love Blue Dragon so much,I really must get around to finishing it because its like Final Fantasy V and Chrono Trigger got together and had a child and those are two of my all time favorite JRPGS.I mean this game and Final Fantasy V are both in my opinion criminally underappreciated games.
  11. E3 2017 Predictions/Wishes

    Yeah the Sqaure Enix was all stuff we already knew was coming.It a shame really because at this point we really have to hope some of the modding projects reach completion or the GBA Version of Final Fantasy V and VI will remain the definitive version because they won't bother to fix their mistake when they can milk the Final Fantasy VII Remake which is gonna take forever for them to finish.Its so hard to get them to acknowledge those of us of love the pre VII games not even for the 30th Anniversary.What Nintendo has so far though is awesome especially the two Metroid Games.Correct if I am wrong but think that there are still supposed to be additional announcements from Nintendo Tomorrow and Thursday.I really hope so especially if Switch VC and maybe top requested games being add to VC on 3DS or Wii U.
  12. Games series done for good?

    We're not getting a sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur because the company went out of business because they spent like crazy before the game even hit the market,it wasn't a bad game by any means but it was their first and they spent more money than game made so it wasn't enough to recoup the cost of making the game plus the money they spent decking out the offices to being a like a Triple A game studio with multiple successes under their belt when this was their first game.I know so much about this since it was my states money they spent on all that and Curt Schilling left us holding the bag out Millions of Dollars.It was the typical political corruption and glad handing that my state is famous for.The thing is you can't blame it on either party because they both guilty since it was rammed through the legislature which is Democratic and then signed by the Republican Governor because he was a big supporter of the deal and it was his last year in office since he had already served two terms and the front running candidate who would eventually win was against the deal.So the made sure to ram it through before the election and the swearing in of the new governor,though he's gone now to. Back on to the main topic,I wouldn't mind seeing Metroidvania make a comeback.I normally wouldn't worry about Deus Ex being dead since a the last game only came out last August but Square put the series on hold after it failed to meet expectations and that dev team is now working on their Marvel Project.But we all now how Square is when it comes to games their not sure are financially viable even when the reason why is their own fault as opposed to something being wrong with the game.
  13. Games series done for good?

    Thief I mean the classic series they tried rebooting it but it was flop because they ignore pretty much everything that the made the originals great.Dishonored 1 and 2 are closer to the originals than the reboot was. I would have said System Shock but the first game is getting a reboot and their making a third one now. Metroid since the last good game in the series was Prime 3 for 3D and Zero Mission for 2D,Other M was just Ninja Gaiden with a Metroid Skin. We will have to see in regards to Deus Ex I am just hoping Square doesn't leave it on hold to long,MD was still a great game,Square just made some really stupid decisions plus it suffers from the being the middle part of a prequel trilogy. Paper Mario in the style of N64 and TTYD bring this back Nintendo. Chrono Series,I would just make Cross not canon and please bring back Toriyama and as much of the Chrono Trigger team as you can. Knights of The Old Republic Series and Jade Empire Series:These both need sequels Jedi Knight Series:The classic Star Wars FPS games where so good Medal of Honor in the style of the first 2 on PS1 Time Splitters Its funny that you mentioned FF Remakes since I am still waiting for Square to fix the horrible mistake they made with V and VI. No One Lives Forever could use a reboot/Remake Arx Fatalis not really a franchise but I would love a sequel or remake and its reference heavily in the New Prey so I kind of hope it could Arkane's next project.They seem to be the closest we have in keeping the game design philosophy of Looking Glass Studios Alive.
  14. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    So before tackling the dark ruins and since I know have access to the bazaar,I think its time to upgrade some equipment.What do you suggest I make or buy? My party is set up this way Hero:Swords Yangus:Axes Jessica:Whips Angelo:Bows In case I have to where is a good place to grind for gold at this part of the game.
  15. Vita RPGs...?

    Oh they do,well that's really good news than,thank you especially yes I do plan on buying it new from Amazon.This is the model I planning on getting https://www.amazon.com/Sony-PlayStation-Vita-WiFi/dp/B00PV515DU/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1493624811&sr=1-1&keywords=playstation+vita That means I can hold of on getting a bigger memory card till next month.