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  1. How do you explain the announcement of the 3DS then, so soon after the DSi XL? I thought it was a Humor oh well, who knows.
  2. I doubt nintendo will announce a new console soon, the Wii Motion Plus just got released! we don't have much games with that fuction yet maybe next year like you said...
  3. I was thinking, DQ Swords was great, but if it was precise it would be perfect! it would be great, don't you guys think? don't need to change the characters, I really like the DQS Hero
  4. New DQM Joker 2 images

    Hah, I Will give Bjorn another beating after DQV. Perfect.
  5. Married Debora.

  6. Save got Corrupted

    you mean my signature? well, i find it funny, since debora treats the hero as a slave.
  7. Dragon Quest V

    I was level 22 beat the three magma men no problem. actually, i'll get there again, playing it again and all that, that's why i said around lvl 20~25.
  8. Dragon Quest V

    ring of fire, you should be around lvl 20-25 or something like that.
  9. God, the same voice, it freaked me out as well.
  10. Save got Corrupted

    Well, in one day, i reached Saber at the other continent. I kinda know the strategies against the bosses so it is easier to continue. thank you guyz :3
  11. Save got Corrupted

    Lol, i Forgot to mention that it is DQV. and my PS2 died these days, so its only the ds version =/
  12. I Chose Debora, I don't like blonde haired and blue Haired children. be aware, Debora is a little into S&M things. like making you sleep your honeymoon at the ground.
  13. I was at the last boss, and got my save corrupted... should i play it all over again D:? i'm not with the mood to do all those things again, but this is my favourite DQ so far...
  14. Esturkdq4's Tournament #12:Best RPG Battle Music

    Thanatos Battle Intense Guys battle With Saruin Battle Theme 1
  15. Esturkdq4's Tournament #12:Best RPG Battle Music

    My votes are: Battle Theme(Dragon Quest VIII) Trisection(Final Fantasy Tactics) Battle Theme(golden Sun the Lost Age) Master Porky Theme(Mother 3)