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  1. Quest #171 - Perfect XI Prognostication

    Probably November 2018 or sometime in 2019. I think it depends on how quickly they commission it. If it's like previous ones it may end up taking roughly a year but if it's like DQ7 & DQ8 3DS, it may take longer.
  2. Quest #163A & B - Preorder & Purchase DQH2

    Here's mine. Haven't played very much yet but it's fun.
  3. Here's my screenshot of my copy. Just got it today. Hope this works.
  4. Dang it, I preordered but I missed that contest (haven't been to the Den in a while unfortunately). Oh well, here's my 3DS running DQ7 (and my username).
  5. Yeah, it's hard when all three of the Zenithian trilogy games are quite good, but I'd have to say V is my favorite too but just barely above VI (I love games with good class systems, which probably explains why FFV is my favorite game in that series). But the chapter system of this game is really well done and I enjoy it a lot. I truly felt as though the characters were very well fleshed out and not merely random people who joined you (like I felt with DQ2), especially since each one had their own motivations and backstories. To Megalosaro, I agree with you that the DS version seemed tougher to play due to the accents and new spell names (though like you, I'm not trying to start a debate over which one is better, merely asking opinions about the game itself). Because of this, I find myself replaying the NES version a lot, even though the graphics are started to look dated. (I have the PSX version and I like it a lot, but only understanding rudementary Japanese makes it harder to play). To redneckpride4ever, did you liike the DS version or was it different? I ask because you're very familiar with the NES version so I want to see whether or not you enjoyed the changes. To Plattym3, are there any parts of the game that really stand out in your mind about the game or is it more replaying it a lot? To Ryu the Villager, do you like the Loto trilogy better than this one? If so, any particular reason? I know it's hard for me to choose because I grew up with the Loto trilogy so I naturally like those ones a lot but the Zenithian trilogy is just so well made and I feel like there's no real black sheep of the trilogy like I do with the Loto trilogy. To Erdrick the Hero, have you played any of the other versions? Or do you simply like the added features and graphics of the PSX version best, even though there's a language barrier? To Motdrafin, I know what you mean. I love class systems and I find myself super addicted to them as well. Did you have a favorite version of DQIV? To Dwaine, thanks for the tip but I still figured I'd mark Spoilers just in case someone posted end game memories that someone who's...say...halfway through the game would read and get upset over. Better to be safe than sorry I guess. It's really interesting hearing everyone's opinions about the game. Keep it up!
  6. Sent him an e-mail. It seems as though he's merely being polite to try and appease his fans, but I still hope that all the e-mailing will finally get them to wake up and realize how much we fans care about the series.
  7. The legend of Erdrick/Loto was over with Dragon Warrior 3 and a new trilogy had begun with Dragon Warrior 4: the Zenithian trilogy! The story wasn't the only thing that changed with this game and though the chapter system was the defining feature of the game, numerous upgrades were done to enhance the gameplay experience this time around. So now I ask you this: when was the first time you ever played it? What were your initial reactions? Do you still feel the same today? If not, why? Which version is your favorite to play? How would you put it against the other games in the series? Do you still play it? Are there any unique memories you've had playing this game? For me, I didn't get a chance to play this game until the DS era. Naturally, I preordered the game when it was announced that the entire trilogy would be remade and I enjoyed it, but I didn't like the accents the game added in, which caused me to purchase the NES version which I enjoyed much more. I really enjoyed the chapter system, which felt like I was playing through several different stories (that is, until the last chapter where everyone joins the hero). Now, I own the game on all three systems it was released for and I still play through it but it's not my favorite of the trilogy (that would have to be either V or VI). So what are your thoughts on this game? (If you'd like to share your experiences or memories with the first and second games [or even vote on their polls], please click the links below) Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior 2 Dragon Warrior 3
  8. I'd like to continue my series of DW thoughts and memories with the final game of the Erdrick trilogy: Dragon Warrior III! The final game of the Erdrick trilogy ended with a bang and regardless of how you feel about the game, there's no doubt that Enix upped the ante this time around. So now I ask you this: when was the first time you ever played it? What were your initial reactions? Do you still feel the same today? If not, why? Which version is your favorite to play? How would you put it against the other games in the series? Do you still play it? Are there any unique memories you've had playing this game? For me, I first happened upon this gem at my cousin's house. It would be the final Dragon Warrior game I played for many years and I never got to beat it at my cousin's house. However, that could be because I spent quite a long time in front of the Dhama Shrine leveling my players and changing classes. I remember being amazed by the ability to create my own party, rather than have pre-made cousins like in DW2. Soon, the world was talking about the exploits of Pencil the Hero, Jerry the Warrior, Vince the Merchant and Eraser the Cleric. Together, we forged through hordes of enemies, changing classes quite often, even creating our own town! I do remember beating Baramos and fully believing the game had been won (which my cousin played up heavily). When Zoma revealed himself, it blew me out of the water, especially stepping into the dark world and hearing that familiar tune. Unfortunately, I never got to finish cause my cousin sold his games for a SNES. Skip forward to the year 2007 where I find a used copy for the GBC. Playing through it again reimmersed me in the series and the ending was quite awesome. Personally, I love almost everything about this game. From the earth-like world map, the customization of your party and classes, creating your own town and the amazing storyline, this game truly shines and is one of my favorite games of all time. What are some of your experiences? (If you'd like to share your experiences or memories with the first and second games [or even vote on their polls], please click the links below) Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior 2
  9. You frequently attempt to correct people on the correct names of the cities "Romaly", "Portoga", "Jipang" and "Greenlad" and insist that somewhere in Australia is the earth's navel.
  10. The sequel...Dragon Warrior II!

    Yeah that was one thing I always found annoying, especially on my way through Rhone to Hargon's Castle (those Blizzards always seemed to instakill him). But at least the shrine was right there to revive everyone. The GBC version is pretty fun, but they certainly toned the difficulty down (especially with the stat seeds hidden around the world).
  11. The sequel...Dragon Warrior II!

    Is it as fun as you remember it being? Or do you find other games in the series more rewarding? I notice that you like DWIII (which I feel added a ton of stuff to the series, but that's another story). Did you ever finish DQ1? Try the NES version if you want hard. The SFC and GBC seem like they were toned down a bit. Then again, if you grind to a high level, it isn't too bad. Though I agree, there were times when I'd walk several steps and have to fight several battles of 5 or more enemies, only to die and reappear at Midenhall with two dead party members . However, I'd also like clarification on your hero being useless remark, as whenever I play 2, he seems to be the only one holding his own (though the princess can do some damage if you're willing to spend the MP). Are you referencing his lack of magic compared to the other DQ heroes? Thanks to everyone who's posted so far, it's been fun reading your experiences and comments on this game. Keep 'em coming!
  12. The sequel...Dragon Warrior II!

    True, there were quite a bit of random battles on the ship and the high difficulty, I can see how someone wouldn't like it (I don't mind random battles so much, but I see your point). I can also see how the two party members could be classified as weak, but they get better the higher you level them. To each his own though, sorry you didn't like it. That's something I also have trouble with when I play games (especially RPGs and games like Metroid). If I don't actively make it a point to play at least once a day, I'll usually forget what I was doing, get frustrated and start over (though I've adapted several ways to get around that now). Your DW card game sounds interesting too. Sounds like you were hooked!
  13. I agree with everyone who says the NES games should be left alone. For the SFC versions, I'd prefer the GBC translation (as many of you have stated as well), though I wouldn't be completely opposed to new translations for them (though it may feel a bit strange playing through these games in the new style). I just want this collection in english .
  14. The sequel...Dragon Warrior II!

    Thanks to everyone who's shared their experiences and opinions so far! I'm enjoying reading your comments. That's funny that you "got your wish" and obtained a boat. I loved exploring the giant new world as well (but unlike you, the cave to Rhone sucked for me. Erdrick and the "wimpy DW1 hero" would have likely turned in his grave to know his descendents being destroyed that easily and numerously ). I never had the guides for them (I had my cousin to help me), but nowadays if I ever forget where to go I can find it here at the den. I tend to prefer the GBC version as well (and on occasion, the SFC import version I have, if I can get over the language barrier), though I'll always enjoy the NES version, mainly for the nostalgia. It can be frusterating, but it's that much more gratifying when you get to Hargon and trounce him, right? Rhone was tough, but I can't say I disliked the game for it (rather it made me push harder to get past it, as FoxFource mentioned). I like the music as well, though I could say I like all of DQ's music to be honest. The first overworld tune certainly sticks out in my mind when I think about the NES games though. Did you ever go back and play DW1? It's pretty good too (though way more simplistic than 2 and 3). Sorry to hear that. What about it was disappointing to you? I can see your point. From today's standpoint, the Erdrick/Loto trilogy are not the most advanced or pretty games (especially DW1). But I still find that they're really fun and they connect well (though nostalgia is a factor for me). Is it just the NES versions you dislike (compared to the other versions at least) or is it the SFC/GBC versions as well?
  15. Wow Enix, that's an amazing collection. Here's my meager collection: NES: Dragon Quest (Famicom version) Dragon Quest II (Famicom version) Dragon Quest III (Famicom version) Dragon Quest IV (Famicom version) Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior II Dragon Warrior III Dragon Warrior IV SNES: Dragon Quest I + II (with custom made case) Dragon Quest III (complete in box) Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI (2 copies) Game Boy Color: Dragon Warrior I + II Dragon Warrior III (with guide) DS: Dragon Quest IV (with guide) Dragon Quest V (with guide) Dragon Quest VI (with guide) Dragon Quest IX (with guide) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker PlayStation: Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest VII (imported version) Dragon Warrior VII (with guide) PlayStation 2: Dragon Quest VIII (with guide) Wii: Dragon Quest Swords