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  1. Sailor Senshi Maker

    Thanks. X3 Only problem is she should look angrier and have some facepaint stuff. XD
  2. Sailor Senshi Maker

    I forgot to save her, but I just remade her real quick since I knew what I was doing this time anyway. X3 Here you go. http://i436.photobucket.com/albums/qq81/TalosRenata/SailorAnubis.png
  3. Sailor Senshi Maker

    I love this thing. I have to admit I have an OC, Sailor Anubis that I couldn't stop myself from making on here. >.>
  4. Reinvigorate a Forgotten Game!

    Honestly... Shin Chan Ora to Poi Poi. That was a FUN puzzle game. It would play just the same as it did on the NES, but I think it would be cooler to have different characters to choose from. And secret characters too. Like maybe beating the game as Shin would Unlock Action Bastard or bating it with Penny would unlock the Happiness Bunny. Probably a retarded idea, but I'd love to see it come to fruition. Though since they're kept to Japan, I'm not entirely sure if Ora to Poi Poi went on any further than the one NES game or not. So I may already HAVE what I want and not know it. XD
  5. EVO

    I love that game so much. I really should play it again someday.
  6. Do you know what I hate!

    Agreed. Cecil is definitely a favorite of mine too. And not just because he was my first hero either. Like I mentioned before, he did have angst, but it wasn't overdone as with Cloud. And it actually got resolved. His past sins were just that. Past. And as you said, he's a regular guy wanting to do the right thing.
  7. Do you know what I hate!

    Final Fantasy VI was by far one of if not the best in the series. And Kefka was definitely the best villain. He was evil because he was a psychopath. Unlike Sephiroth, who just seemed kind of angsty to me. In fact, from the profiles I read, Kefka would have had plenty of reason to be angsty himself if he had wanted to, but instead he always seemed to be laughing. Until you pissed him off anyway. Back in the day, that was what made a villain. They were evil. No real reason, they just were. And many of them, such as Kefka, always gave you the impression that they really enjoyed it. Now like I said, FF7 was a good game in its own right , but I have to agree that the character development was pretty much non-existant compared to the older games. Nobody's issues were resolved by the end. It gave no real sense of closure. And again, the villain was angsty. The hero was too, but this is more acceptable since you're supposed to get to know the hero on a much more human level than you are the villain. I will say though that Cloud's issues may have been overdone. I prefer how they went about things with Cecil in FF4. The guy definitely had issues but they didn't overplay said issues and they were resolved in the end.
  8. Do you know what I hate!

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...
  9. Do you know what I hate!

    Ugh... That really does sound annoying. I can't stand people who have to put an inflection into every damn thing they say.
  10. Do you know what I hate!

    EXACTLY While it's important to focus on what the audience wants, the companies that make these games can only go so far in doing that. They also need to focus on making a profit. And Sony isn't going to do that if they can't get some exclusives such as 3D Dot Heroes or Little Big Planet. So of course if a game is going to be on their console they may want to get it as an exclusive. And people before were complaining about how the PS3 HAD no good exclusives, so this may grab a whole new audience out of those who previously doubted the console(though personally, I liked some of the earlier PS3 exclusives such as Folklore as well). As for the Wii, I agree completely. While most of it's focus is on family-friendly games, there are still games outside that demographic such as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. And there are plenty of games with a good story to them such as Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World(which my boyfriend has been addicted to lately). And anyway, even if they do put out a lot more kid friendly games than more teen and adult-oriented ones, isn't that a good thing? When you think about it, if it weren't for Nintendo, there wouldn't be that many good kid's games like Mario. Children's games still need to exist in order to bring in the new generation of gamers who will be tomorrow's hardcore gamers. I can understand sticking to one console if that's all you can afford to do, but people who limit themselves out of sheer spite towards a console irritate me. Especially when they complain that a game they want is on a console they refuse to give a chance. It's their own stubborness preventing them from playing, the game companies don't owe it to them to put it out on their preferred console.
  11. Do you know what I hate!

    To be fair, you get this with almost every gaming series at some point. There are people who grew up with Final Fantasy VII who now feel the same about the most recent instalments. I don't have a problem with people who think FFVII is one of the best RPGs ever, but those who refuse to broaden their horizons irk me a little. Agreed. It may be hard for me to play FF7 when I'm thinking of the other games in the series, but like I said, I enjoy it as a game in itself. And I do agree that people who refuse to broaden their horizons can be annoying. I particularly hate the console wars. I've had to block a guy for flipping out on me for no other reason than I was playing more than the Wii. And I mean I honeslty feel that the Wii was more intended to be family friendly. Restriciting himself like that, he won't come to know that many games outside the kid stuff, which is fun in it's own right(I love Mario and all), but sometimes it's nice to be able to play something more intended for my own age group as well.
  12. What are you currently playing?

    Bwaha! I beat the main story in ToL! Now... Character Quests!
  13. Do you know what I hate!

    FF7 was a good enough game in it's own right, but it's hard to enjoy when trying to compare it to earlier games in the series. I went a lot of years not liking it because it was such a far cry from the ones I grew up with. But once I played it without trying to com pare it, I did enjoy it quite a bit. Not as much as the older games, but still enough to have a copy. :3 There's actually a lot more to SaGa Frontier as well. It's probably one of my favorite games of all time. I love the gameplay and the different stories for each character. Not to menton the various sidequests all over the place. It was just a lot of fun IMO. X3 But I guess back on the subject of hating things... Gotta go with the fact that Square sold out after a certain point. It seems it happened kind of slowly with a decrease in decent games, but over the past few years it has definitely gotten noticable. Particularly with their milking of a dried out franchise*cough*Final Fantasy*cough* and now Kingdom Hearts. KH was fun at first and there were some worlds I enjoyed such as Halloween Town, but by the second game I was through with it. ^ ^;
  14. Do you know what I hate!

    Exactly! That's what makes it even worse. These girls who are so into slash aren't into it because of support of gay rights or whatever, they're into it because they think it's hot and it looks good to them. Gay is becoming a fad, whether real or fictional, and it's just a pain in the ass to see the way these girls make it such a big deal and soooo hot. Far more than it should be. Yeah, that does get annoying. That's at least one thing I can say for the Transformers fandom. They don't keep it to the characters that are generally considered more attractive. They include Lugnut and other bigger, less attractive bots. I still get sick of seeing nothing BUT that when I look up Transformers fanart though.
  15. What are you currently playing?

    I ran out of things to say and before I knew it I disappeared from the face of the earth. ._. Forgot to mention I'm also doing a Let's Play of the PS1 version of Final Fantasy, but I don't think I'll pick that one up again until I get a decent PC game controller.