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  1. DQMSL Arena thread.

    alright. thanks!
  2. DQMSL Arena thread.

    Wanna battle? 22029954
  3. DQMSL Arena thread.

    its ok! thanks for the battle!
  4. DQMSL Arena thread.

    woops, can't seem to connect to you. still on?
  5. DQMSL Arena thread.

    ok.. I'll just beat up Balzack, be with you in 5 min
  6. DQMSL Arena thread.

    @KZ me! I'm online now.
  7. DQMSL Arena thread.

    Battle again! 11178422
  8. I just did that to my Mohawk Fighter a while ago. From 61 --> 31 because i had no Glorious Eggscelsior. Not sure about stats, probably just the same as before.
  9. DQMSL Arena thread.

    I agree. Haha I was like WTF when you survived that
  10. DQMSL Arena thread.

    thanks man! that was too close!
  11. DQMSL Arena thread.

    Gem battle anyone? 02301956 02301956 Gem battle
  12. DQMSL Arena thread.

    Hi, I am on now. 02275029 Lowbie 50-60s Gem battle?
  13. AFAIK they have MKS and a GoldSlime/PKJ in Japan. If I am not mistaken, MKS is S class and PKJ is SS.. Something like that. I saw it in the Japanese dqmsl search site.
  14. Slimes & Beasts

    I got quite a lot of Teggy Bears from Tombola. None have abilities though. No way to send to a friend or something?
  15. Q> I have Pokedosaurus with Frizz +1. Would this go up to +2 or not?