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  1. Do you by any chance know what the Heroes, Demonking, or equipment look like yet?
  2. Zelda art

    It's good that you post work your even if they aren't your best! I used to just quit when my pieces didn't look so good but a wise man told me to always finish my work, otherwise I would never finish anything.
  3. Synthesis Page Missing Monsters?

    Thanks guys, its much appreciated!
  4. Synthesis Page Missing Monsters?

    I guess it's not that big of a deal that they aren't in the search page then but it would make it a little easier to see who those guys can be used to make if they were included.
  5. Synthesis Page Missing Monsters?

    Any particular reason why we are missing certain monsters on the synthesis page or were they just forgotten on accident? Wormonger, Fluffy, Bjorn, Metal Slime, and Missing Lynx for example can't be found in the Synthesis search. I think...
  6. Just Another Newbie

    Cool, welcome to the site dude!
  7. Congrats to the winners, you all rightly deserved it!
  8. And what is it that will exactly happen? Only time will tell! Thanks by the way and my deviantart is http://defno.deviantart.com/
  9. Aw, TRL, I was totally looking forward to seeing an entry from you! I was expecting an amazing last minute entry from you...
  10. Oh boy, oh boy! Please come to American shores! By the way, have we all had the same releases on the 3DS Virtual Console?
  11. Master's Sword ( Poll)

    I say take pics and put it back as soon as possible!
  12. Need profile photo help.

    Why thank you kind sir!
  13. DQMJ2 Reviews

    Gamespot gave it a 7 http://www.gamespot.com/ds/rpg/dragon-quest-monsters-joker-2/review.html?tag=topslot%3Bthumb%3B4&tag=stitialclk%3Bgamespace
  14. Need profile photo help.

    Just wondering, has anybody found out what's wrong with the profile pic because now I have that problem...
  15. Wow, I just noticed your DS! That is simply awesome my friend...