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  1. sorry if there already is one but i think it would be cool if there was facts and info on what all the games plots where and info on characters and things like that
  2. lol

    haha. (whispers to dwaine and laughs) dont worry about it
  3. slime kings?

    thank you
  4. lol

    did anyone else notice the "one knight stand" in dq8 right near the cave at the beggining of the game where u get the crystal ball? thats pretty funny for a game appealing to kids.
  5. is it true in dq 4 that if a group of slime attack u and u wait long enough they will form into a slime king?
  6. why is it taking so long?

    what do you mean 99 of everything?
  7. i have went to work at the shop with torneko about 10 times now and still not had the guy come in and give me the cautery sword. should i keep waiting cause this S*** is boring as hell
  8. who knows the most?

    teclo knew what i was talkin bout i didnt mean things to know in game. i ment fan wise but thank u all
  9. ^ l l l and whats the red slime thing under my name?
  10. well ive always been interested in the dq and dw games and stories but in order to be a fane what are key things i should know and have?