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  1. Official DQVII Advice & OMG Thread

    If you plan on getting hearts, the leader has a chance of dropping it as their rare tablet reward. Every monster has two drops, separate from their regular drops. For example, I can confirm Gigadraco has a rare tablet reward of Dragon Robe. From what I can tell, all monsters who drop hearts, including PlatKing and I believe Estark, have their heart as the rare reward, and the odds of getting the rare drop increases with the leader's levelOkay, that's nice. Especially for monsters whose drop rate is really low, or Never. Thank you.
  2. Official DQVII Advice & OMG Thread

    So from your drop data, seems like I'm better off evolving into a Gigalumph and an Automaton, but the Goodybags should have a decent drop rate. Thank you very much, iggy! I really appreciate this.
  3. Official DQVII Advice & OMG Thread

    No problemo. I'm glad I finally got the gist of it. (Means I have to be careful in multi-monster type battles where more than 1 monster type can drop a heart but I'm only aiming for a particular one. I've had a bunch of Stainless Scrappers and Gigalumphs show up together in my custom tablet, for example.)
  4. Official DQVII Advice & OMG Thread

    Okay, so... in short... the only way to increase your chances of getting a heart (provided you kill the monster who drops it last) is to increase the chances of encountering said monster with the heart you want. Ergo, making tablets, perhaps, with the monsters you want to drop hearts. I made/found a tablet with a monster "team" of Gigalumph, Stainless Scrapper, and Goodybag, so I figured the monsters in the tablet would be the same as in my team. Good assumption so far, as they are there, plus a few other, non-heart-droppers. I wonder what the drop rates are for hearts. Probably easier just to level up the prerequisite monsters. Already did Golem, just gotta do Serial Quiller next. Wait... I think I figured out your other explanation. If I kill multiple heart-dropping monsters in a battle, the last-killed monster and the second-to-last and even the third-to-last (and so on) all have a chance to drop a heart provided there isn't a non-heart-dropping monster in the mix.
  5. Official DQVII Advice & OMG Thread

    I'm feeling stupid. Can someone remind me? Can you steal monster hearts? OR Are they only dropped. If you can steal, does Klepto Clobber work on the heart drops or just on the item drops? Thanks in advance... oh, almost forgot, I thought I read somewhere that the Automaton heart is dropped by Stainless Scrappers, correct?
  6. Yep, all Woodus' fault. Just kidding. I love all these images. I'm thinking of doing an item database to see how the English names and images have changed over the years, so it's great that you pulled those images out.
  7. Ah, I see. Thank you. I just love all these images.
  8. Quick question. I was looking through the album and couldn't find an individual pic for the Purple Orb or the Echo Flute. Just wondering if they're in there somewhere and just mislabeled.
  9. Pilgrim's Rest Lucky Panel App

    This app is really great, Woodus. I played 19 rounds at The Haven's first casino where each game costs 5 tokens. I'm pretty sure it matches Pilgrim's Rest (past) exactly. The only picture I never got was the tortoise shell and I'm not really sure it was in the PR-past casino anyway. I think I've got it listed in PR-present. Now most people keep saying there's a better casino at The Haven once the story progresses a little further, so I wouldn't change the app yet. Just reporting what I've seen so far.
  10. Were Job Level Limits lowered?

    Then I bet the level cap for The Beacon (present) is 31, not 32 like I guessed earlier. That matches what ignasia found in...was it Stahlbaum's PSX guide? 35 minus 4. I was a little confused 'cause I thought maybe Gabo was at level 31 and still earning job points, but he might have been at level 30. And even if he was at 31 that makes sense with what you all have said. Thank you very much!!
  11. Were Job Level Limits lowered?

    Ok, my next question is, can you be the same level as the cap and still earn job points? I reset to an earlier save and went through the Beacon present at level 31 and gained job points as I expected. I guess level cap means if you're GREATER THAN the level you don't get job points but if you're EQUAL TO that's okay. Correct?
  12. Were Job Level Limits lowered?

    Hopefully someone else can corroborate. I mean, it's always possible I've goofed up, but it just seemed really weird to me that everyone else was job-leveling except for Auster. And the fortune-teller lady at Alltrades said he had the same number of battles to win when I went to see her again. The Gabo and the rest had less battles, so they definitely were job-leveling. It looks like according to that japanese link you just gave, that they are testing the level caps too. They seem certain that the Aeolus Vale area is 33, so it's even more weird that The Beacon in the present is capped at 32. Hmm... I wonder if this is in the game code somewhere.
  13. Were Job Level Limits lowered?

    Unless I'm doing something wrong, I think The Beacon (present) has a level cap of 32 instead of 99. Auster is at level 32 and not gaining job points as I would expect. Everyone else is less than 32 and have leveled in their vocations like they are meant to. (I'm keeping an excel scratch work handy while I play). Iggy, I tried looking around those japanese websites you linked, and didn't quite see the level cap pages. Can you point them out more specifically? I'll look on my bookmarked pages as well.
  14. Yeah, quasi_stomach, these are great!
  15. Dragon Quest Past to Present timeline

    I'm starting to wonder about what happens when a place is sealed off. At first I thought it meant that every other place immediately forgets it ever existed. I also thought that the sealed off place didn't realize it was sealed off, and the people just thought they were plagued with problems and the only ones in the world. I think these ideas of mine were formed by talking to people in Estard and the first few islands, but now I think sealing a place might be different. After visiting a few more islands, the NPCs do know about other places besides their own, and they are aware they've been cut off from other places. I'm nearly done with Buccanham's quest and they know about Emberdale. You can even go to Past Emberdale and get the Guiding Light with Buccanham's blessing. I went to the Present Emberdale, so I don't know what the Past Emberdale Gaffer says. Maybe there's a clue there that Emberdale was sealed after Buccanham. I think I saw this in another thread, but Greenthumb Gardens is sealed before El Ciclo, or at least its pedestal leads you to a time period before El Ciclo's pedestal. There's also a warrior person in Greenthumb getting supplies for Palmela, so I kinda think Greenthumb was sealed before Emberdale too. I can see a number of possiblities: GG, EC/WH, B, E GG, B, E, EC/WH GG, B, EC/WH, E B, GG, EC/WH, E B, GG, E, EC/WH And I suppose places could be sealed off at the same time, so that would mess up a potential timeline even further. (Not only NPCs but I've noticed books on bookshelves mentioning other places in the world. Those are probably further clues about a possible sealing order.)