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  1. What's New with you?

    The eal-mobile lost a wheel and Yangus got away!
  2. Spam Bots

    Yep, exactly. I wondered if there is a more robust one out there, or if it even matters. Perhaps someone just manually registers a bot and then sets it loose, rendering any form of CAPTCHA ineffective.
  3. Spam Bots

    How do other websites address this issue? I can't imagine the Dragon's Den is the only site to be afflicted with bot-users. Is a validation forum the only way to go, or is there a better system than CAPTCHA?
  4. Spam Bots

    Not any more
  5. Jay's Monsterous Masterpieces

    Very cool, and nicely done. Thanks for sharing these!
  6. Spam Bots

    I'm ok to let this play out for a month or so like you suggested to see if these current bots registered before the new CAPTCHA. That being said, would it be possible to test that out by looking at one of these recent spammers and checking their registration date?
  7. Spam Bots

    They posted spam, linking to a site called top healthy diet or something like that. I deleted the topic and flagged the spammer an hour or so ago.
  8. Dragon Quest VI DS Tileset Map Project

    Thanks She3pish! I was pretty happy with how these maps turned out. I appreciate your kinds words. Unfortunately, I don't have the source tiles for these. I used screenshots to assemble the maps, so I never had to look at the tiles or palettes to put it together. I think a couple of other people here had attempted to rip tiles from the completed maps, but I am not sure if they had any luck with that or not. If I knew more about tiles and had more time, I could take a stab at it. Do you know if it's possible to extract the tiles accurate from a completed map?
  9. Dum Dum Questions About the New Den

    Yes, that would be nice. It might be good to try to move the avatar above the rank icons too, if at all possible.
  10. Localization News: DQXI

    Ha ha, I totally know what you mean. At my latitude, we've got snow in October sometimes and it usually stays around for good starting in November (i.e. doesn't just immediately melt). I've been skating on the pond behind my house for a couple of weeks already, so when I hear that the announcement may come later this fall, I definitely have the same reaction as you. Anyway, hoping for news soon.
  11. Localization News: DQXI

    In northern hemisphere, Fall is September 22 to December 21. So... all Calendars north of the equator I guess.
  12. Forums Back Online

    Cool, good to see things coming back together. Thanks for the update, and good luck with the dark theme.
  13. Dragon Quest VII Progress

    Defeated the Demon King. I've got 80 hours and 31 minutes clocked on the starred save file. I'll have to dig out my save archive for the PSX version and see how that compares. Looking forward to post-game stuff now.
  14. What's New with you?

    Ha ha, that's a hilariously familiar story. Any time my wife would tell me about how my kids napped (usually because of a car ride and she couldn't keep them awake), I knew we were in store for a night like you described (although yours sounds especially awful). Sorry to hear it was such a miserable evening.
  15. DQ7 Photo Bomb

    Sweet! These are great. Thanks for sharing them.