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  1. Dragon Quest V - Site Updated with Contest

    I managed to find the Slime quite easily. However I still can't find the dang armor knight & orc...will keep looking though... Wow I am stupid I find them 2 seconds later lol.
  2. Dragon Quest IX - Rumor - Coming to Wii?

    Since I have both I guess thats not a problem
  3. It sounds great I hope you finish it because I would love to read it!!
  4. Dragon Quest V - February Release?

    Found this as well: Source: Nintendo Everything Edit: 12:50 CST Official Press Release on SE's site. Edit: 1:12 CST The Zenthia portal has a minor update, you can't click into the site or type the web address and get there yet but the logo screen has been updated. Even earlier than expected! YES!
  5. Dragon Quest V DS - March or April Release?

    Original Topic I'm personally hoping for the March release
  6. SK IRC Chat

    Ok as a former SK member I'd like to get in on this chat
  7. Hey Now!

    Hey everyone I'm Shadowsnake some of you might remember me from the old Slime Knight days and I figured I best stop screwing around and join the Dragons Den forums! I see more than a few familiar faces here! Anyway I just wanted to say hello to everyone and I'm happy with the release of DQIV....can't wait for V & VI!