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  1. Hey. YOu added me to your friends list, you could at least leave a comment on my profile :P

  2. DWM2:how to get that key?

    Ah, ok, that's not too difficult thanks!
  3. Deathmore, Zeromus, Dhoulmagus, DARKDRIUM
  4. I just started playing DWM2 again, and there is that old man in the town that stands before a magic key. After beating Darck he wants to see a monster he has never seen before, does anyone know which one that could be? I got DracoLord, Gigadraco and RainHawk in my team, but these don't impress him. Help would be nice
  5. Yo Cloudy. I bought DQ Swords and there where so many Drackies I had to kill: I thought of you :(

  6. Green Dragon, Ultros , Gema, King Hydra
  7. Hiya Zelly!! It was nice meeting you, I know we will be awesome friends, Hope life isn't too dqless.. and remember Emul l8er just don't tell SE

  8. Favorite Monster of All-Time

    Dracolord(2) and Darkdrium.
  9. The Best Monsters of

    Slime family: Metal King SLime, looks so cute how he wabbles away xD Dragon family: Dragonlord (I've got Dragovian Lord instead though) Nature family: The great sabrecub. Oh my god, it's SO cute! Beast family: Nimzo/Mirudoras2 ('cause he was in DWM/DQM, too) Material family: Estark Demon family: "Mortamor" Undead Family: Dr Snapped, because of the fact that he was the endboss and he just looks so..uhm, "nice" Incarni: Ace of Spades looks coolest, and Hawkheart Ace WOULD be my choice in battle I think, but I don't use the Incarnus
  10. Which Monsters do you miss?

    Darkdrium. My favorite monster with Dracolord (2nd form). LordDraco would've been cool, too.
  11. Which game is better?

    DWM. I love that game so much and DWM2 hasn't been released here in Germany, so it took a while till I could play it. DWM (or DQM) just makes me so melancholic.
  12. favorite monster?

    I won't list my team monsters here, just my favorite monster in general (which appears in Joker): Dragon Lord (the smileys are awesome).