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  1. I Guess This Was a Thing?

    I was there, and Nintendos never been about what he says it was, at least not without major drawbacks to go with it. NES was 1983 technology in a late 80's system. SNES had a really slow processor and restrictive licensing costs meaning some 3rd party games would leave out things in the SNES ports N64 might have been good tech if it had big enough storage to feed that tech. It didn't. Doesn't matter what Siilcon Graphics articles might have said about features if 90% of games don't use anything but ugly blocky polygon models because there wasn't room on the cart for the data needed for anything better. GC, again, mini discs didn't have enough room. Yeah it was better tech than PS2, so? Everything that gen was. Despite all this I love my Nintendo systems because Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. They might not have the most, latest, best, tech, but they have the games I like and find most fun. Even the Wii U stomps on my PS4 in that regard.
  2. Dragon Quest Builders at Menchies

    Btw, if you just want the code, you don't need to visit the store, so no need to miss out if there isn't one near you, just hit up the website and sign up and they'll send the code.
  3. So I finally got the guide!

    Heh, Computron computing how to build the best settlement.
  4. Day One Edition Details

    I don't think Squeenix codes actually expire. I was able to redeem the code from FF Type 0 "Day One" for the FF15 demo months after it "expired".
  5. Voice language change?

    Some games change that stuff based on the language settings of the system, not an in game setting, but I have no idea if this one does.
  6. No canon/default name for hero?

    With DQ, I usually go with either the number of the game written out (so Eight in this case) or if I'm not in a numerical sort of mood at the time, Bane, because that's the name a deceased friend used for his hero when I lent him my copy of the first Dragon Warrior. Currently, I'm using Bane on DQBuilders.
  7. DQ 3DS Compl8nts

    Does the main screen look a little too dark to anyone else? I've not had this problem before, not even with DQ7, and I double checked my settings, they didn't get set to darker or anything it's at max brightness and no power save or whatever that other option is. It seems to me like if you have the RGB level on a device to high while the TV is set to low. Not a huge deal, just in the very brief amount of time I've had the game running, that's my only real "compl8nt" so far. On the other side, the menus certainly seem snappier than the old US PS2 version where they sure were purty but also a bit laggy.
  8. Day One Edition Details

    Are all copies Day 1? Same as with DQH, I got this WELL after day 1 and it's still the Day 1 edition.
  9. Who here proudly plays it only on Vita?

    Odd thing to be "proud" of. You play it on the system you have. If you have both, whatever, play it on what you want.
  10. It's not a space issue. They're recorded "midi" tracks, not generated by the system, they take up the same amount of space that orchestrated tracks would.
  11. Questions about the remake

    Limited save slots is so 1990's. Should be able to save to the SD card, not just the 3DS cart, with as many saves as will fit on whatever size card you have. But this poor limited save design is hardly a DQ problem, many games (especially 1st party Nintendo games) are similarly hampered. And yes, I realize the irony of complaining about an outdated way of doing something when talking about DQ...
  12. Hope it's okay to join in on the fun at this point. Alefgard - remember ALF? He's back. In guard form! Erdrick - er... just don't pronounce it air drick. or worse loto/roto (unless you're actually japanese, ) Belial - Belle Isle
  13. Hopefully you've already gotten it working to your satisfaction in your emulator, but if not, you can play it on a PS2. Burn the patched ISO to a disc and use FreeMCboot or Swap Magic to load it.
  14. MIDI Rips? (And possible Soundfont rips)

    Fortunately this makes it trivially easy for making a hacked version with the western localization and the orchestrated music from the japanese. Yes, it's already out there, no I'm not linking to it.
  15. My best buy experience sure made me feel old

    Welcome to the club, pal. I got there in the middle of the 00's. I think Best Buy just has a policy where the clerks are supposed to chat about stuff to seem friendly. Last time I bought a game there (used copy of Shadows of Mordor) the guy kept talking about some Dragonball game he was thinking about trying. I was like "I don't know anything about that game, but okay..."