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  1. Ask a question

    A: I think it probably was... the pork flu definately sounds like an invention. Q: If you could invent anythin what would you invent?
  2. Ask a question

    A: I like the new icon. Q: Did anyone wonder if I crawled under a rock like platty?
  3. The "What happened to Platty?" Thread

    He was eaten by a slime
  4. 3 word story game

    hobo attacks the
  5. The Words Game

    Please sir can I have some MORE?
  6. What did you name your kids?

    I named my son Kyle and my daughter Luna.
  7. 3 word story game

    haha April fools!
  8. Ask a question

    A: Because you havent done the mario enough in your lifetime. Q: Do you like april fools day?
  9. 3rd Trimester

    Im starting to come to this topic when I went to be disturbed... and its working
  10. The Words Game

    Yay its Ernie and BERT!
  11. I'm Leaving

    I have to say I fell for it as well...
  12. Happy Birthday Sygma and Icemage88

    Thanks guys !
  13. Days Until Dragon Quest V:

    Yes its getting Closer and clos.... wait how is it getting farther away and whats the dash - mean?
  14. Happy Birthday, Demon King!

    Happy Birthday Demon King!
  15. Ask a question

    A:No everyone knows its a Pingas pop. Q:Would Dr robotnik go for a pingas pop?