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  1. 3DS Friend Codes/AR Mii images?

    5412-9896-5711 I have everyone else on here and the other topic added, but some still haven't added me back yet.
  2. Wait, so it's not f2p? If I also can't beat the game offline, I guess I can't get it then...I'm not into monthly subscriptions since I don't have a job and my parent's won't pay for it
  3. People don't like the series for not straying from its roots, now people don't like the game for being drastically different... While I'll have to see about the online stuff, the single player would be good for me as long as it has a good story and good characters.
  4. I'll wait for the WiiU version. I'm actually interested in this.
  5. School just started for me

    Nice to see someone else who plays Viola My favorite classes are music, history, and computer science.
  6. School just started for me

    Senior year starts next month...from college applications to AP classes to other side stuff, it'll be a tough year.
  7. 3DS friend codes

    My code is 5412-9896-5711 I added everyone who posted a code in this topic already. I have OoT, Dead or Alive, and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. I'll be getting Kid Icarus and Mario Kart when they come out. Multiplayer DS games include Pokemon Black, Heart Gold, and Mario Kart DS.
  8. 3ds "ambassadors"/who here is one?

    I was planning on getting a second one, since I have 3 brothers, and the price drop is making that easier.
  9. Who should I go for in cosplay

    I want to play this game now XD
  10. I don't personally see what Hogan's Island has to do with DQ? Or am I missing something?
  11. I used the AR code, and the only problem I had was that the game froze when I tried to check the guestbook.
  12. 3ds "ambassadors"/who here is one?

    Whoa, I used the eShop when it came out but I never knew about this.
  13. Who should I go for in cosplay

    I would have to go with Marth too. I can see you capturing the essence of Marth more than Miles. The cuteness factor really does play a role here, and your beauty would definitely compliment Marth's handsomeness. Like the guy above me said, Marth is a more feminine character and you can pull it off much better than Miles, but that's my opinion.
  14. What music best represents you?

    I composed this myself. I made this to express how I felt when I made it. I kind of still feel that way, but meh.
  15. Dragon Quest V: Staff of Time

    I joined fanfiction.net under the name Pirobi, and I uploaded this story there and started another one based on Princess Mononoke. The inspiration from seeing the many other collections there will get me to continue working on this story. So, more to come!