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  1. What the?!

    I preordered a copy of the strategy guide on july 4th. The guy said it would be out the 7th. I went to gamestop yesterday to get it and he said its not out today. he said it should be out in a day or two and I should wait to pick it up with the game because I could get 10% off the guide if I pick it up with the game. Then I go home and go on gamestops website and it says july 12th?????? Ive been lied to twice.Now I just called gamestop to complain and they said that it could possibly be the thirteenth. That means I was lied to three times. Does anybody know when it actually comes out at gamestop because Im tired of wasting my time driving out to get it for nothing.
  2. I got my copy of Dragon quest swords at a walmart for 16.00. I thought it couldnt possibly go any lower. At 9.00 I would buy a few copies then sell them to people for more.
  3. Joker 2 is Coming

    yeah what was that noise?
  4. all i can say is "im glad i dont have those problems". i never did like ebay.
  5. thats exactly what i thought when i read it , and then i started laughing at what you put.
  6. The "In-My-Pants" game

    heavyweights in my pants old yeller in my pants
  7. The "How would You React" Game

    id ask you to at least add seasonings first to make me taste good. how would you react if billy mayes came back to life and visited you while you were asleep?
  8. Hello Everyone ^_^

    ello kirby good ta ave' ya, I mean welcome kirb.
  9. Billy Mays dies

    The only reason I ever bought oxiclean and other billy mays products is because i see commercials of billy mays telling me to every day. whats the point any more. RIP Billy Mays.
  10. Happy Birthday MetroidXPS

    'appy birday guvna ope ya ave a fantastic day mate.
  11. SORRY

    its awright mate now dat yer back ya can sit down, relax and ave a sammich wiv me while yer on dragons den mate
  12. The "How would You React" Game

    i would become sabercat lords best friend how would you react if i came down your chimney in the middle of winter in a red suit and carrying a bag, but when i open the bag the teletubbies and barney jump out and give you hugs till you cry
  13. The "How would You React" Game

    a:i would greet you wiv an ello guvna, give you a sammich, then spend the rest of the day being lazy on my couch eating and wishing i had the energy to do anything Q:how would you react if i walked down your street yelling ternekos back baby, bless ya souls.
  14. The "How would You React" Game

    A: i would dress up like a mouse while eating a sammich Q:how would you react to waking up with mind control powers after a dream about being mind controlled?
  15. so what have you been up to while i was gone