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  1. Ask a question

    A: Nope, don't have one, but helped cousin with his I think. Q: By when will they finish(or where can I get them if done) patches for Summon Night Monogatari 3 &/or Torneko no Daibouken Advance 3(both for GBA)?
  2. Dragon Warrior: Hollow Tranqeile

    Hey, no prob, I understand this is hobby and not a job, which is why I stopped making mine..... . Great job though!
  3. DWVII or FFIV....?

    Tough choice there, I played FFIV more but probably because I had more time then, but both are great so I guess it depends on the players taste. FFIV music is awesome, and it was the hardest one for me, DQVII, I got lucky as heck and beat it on first try(last boss) though I rushed through it, but yeah, I don't regret playing either.
  4. What are you currently playing?

    Currently at about 2 thirds into Inindo - way of the ninja(SNES). Didn't realize how good it was since I quit after getting whooped on first fight last time I played it, lol!
  5. Caption This

    Angelo: Hmmm....too saggy! This won't do! NEXT! Jessica: Why you!!!
  6. Corrupt a dream!

    But on the way there it slipped and fell off to the blackest pit of the darkest heck, AFTER hitting like 20,000 times while falling through earth. I wish for a new.... something that can be considered a PC.
  7. Yeah, I can't believe I missed out on DKC 2 and 3 . Better catch up on these I guess, as I heard lots of good things about them.
  8. Nice additions to an already great game. Definitely looking forward to the DQ remakes.
  9. Ask a question

    A: I was going to say "the best one", but that's not an answer, so neither. Q: What's up with this slime?:
  10. Is this game really worth 40-50$?

    Well, if you can do missions/quests over then that settles it for me then. I never expected it to be better than regular DQ games so I didn't compare it to those, instead I look at it as Enix coming up with new ideas the like Torneko and Slime Morimori games/series(which turned out to be great).
  11. Wi-Fi Ranks

    Was that fight with the same stats/attacks/spells for both teams?
  12. Cristo

    Would you have been able to complete the game WITHOUT Cristo's help? Meaning, if he was taken out of the game altogether. I believe it can be done, granted that you may have to level up like crazy and/or have tons of healing items. I used to have Cristo off the team at times to see how I'd fare and it wasn't too bad.
  13. Ask a question

    A1: Antonio Banderas A2: Afterlife Q: What DQ city would you like to live in?
  14. Corrupt a dream!

    By the time you do Malroth is no longer cool, but pathetic. I wish Duran trained humans to fight under him in a DQ Humans game .
  15. Cristo

    Not at all. Cristo is the reincarnation of the prince of Cannock, but better, and the best character to use if you were to be the last one alive in a fight, besides the hero. As a team player I got lucky I guess because it was always Brey messing up most of the time, which wasn't a lot. Story wise, he(Cristo) didn't get much of a role, and they should have did more on his background, life, etc. but I still used him most of the time cause that didn't bother me much as the game was great altogether.