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  1. Where Joker fails

    just something i need to say, almost 80% of THE ENTIRE GAME is gathering crystals! thats pretty dumb also, i just started playing this series, and with this game, i got on wifi, i couldent find ONE PERSON that wasnt useing ar codes. i have ar, but i ony use my maxed stats for in game, not wifi.
  2. Cheaters

    i use ar, but i cant get wi fi, so does it really matter? if i cant get wi fi, i can use it right? of not, ill stop useing it, lol, i usualy just beat games with it once then play through without it a second time
  3. hmm, as long as were here rateing teams how about mine? i know i need training but theyre ok. legend-great dragon-lvl20 leathalIV-demon-at-arms-lvl 20 guardian-golem-lvl 18, prpbably lvl 20 by the time you read this any sugestions? im trying to make legend a black dragon, leathalIV.....something, and golem will be switched with a mumboh-jumboe if i can get it.