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  1. Dragon Quest IX meetup...GenCon Indianapolis

    I sure hope Staybridge isn't THAT far from the convention center. What do you mean? From what I can tell on the map, it's not that far south of the convention center.
  2. Dragon Quest IX meetup...GenCon Indianapolis

    I have an event until 6 p.m. Friday, but will head over to Staybridge afterwards.
  3. I was so ecstatic when I heard the news, still am. First time I'll ever get a chance to play DQ VI. However, I will say I am a bit concerned about the future of the franchise in the west. This is the second DQ game Nintendo is publishing, makes me wonder if DQ VI would have made it over if Nintendo didn't take up the reins. I worry if the franchise ever goes back to a non-Nintendo system. Will we ever see the game(s)?
  4. Hope for DQVI news?!

    Just to let everyone know, the "Realms of Revelation" trademark was published for opposition on December 7th, so that is a good sign. I can't see SE publishing the trademark for opposition if they don't intend on bringing it to the West.
  5. The impression I'm getting from DQ9

    Glad to have your opinion. I can't say I agree. Yes, DQ VII was a bit longer than it should have been, but I feel DQ VIII was just fine.
  6. Last chance?

    I guess I shouldn't have given the source of my post, it really is not relevant. But suffice to say, the person who started the post on NeoGAF is very reliable. So besides the source of the post,am I to assume you don't feel mainline DQ games are in danger of not making it overseas?
  7. Last chance?

    I don't know how many here frequent NeoGAF, but the title for the offical DQ9 thread bothers me a bit. It says "Dragon Quest 9 Last chance to shine" Now I am assuming that what is meant by Last Chance is the OP feels that this could be the last chance for DQ outside of Japan. That it needs to perform now, or that may be it. I will certainly admit that DQ outside of Japan has never sold anywhere near as well as Japan. But I can't agree that we are on a bubble for the series where we may not see another (mainline) game again in the franchise. What are others feelings on this? Do you really feel that DQ 9 is our "last chance" and there is a possibility of DQ (and I mean mainline DQ games) of not being localized again?
  8. I didn't figure it was as long as VII. Heh I'm really looking forward to it. IV was pretty good, I am glad they put in the option of direct control. I was not a fan of the original with the A.I. I really have loved 5 with the story and it's your good, standard DQ fun. I just wish SE would give us a release date for NA/EU.
  9. How long is the game? I hear it is one of the longer ones in the series. VII is insanely long and I loved it. Even though I don't have as much time to play RPGs anymore, I still like them long. From what I understand, it has two worlds?
  10. New screenshots

    Nice pics, thanks! I wish SE would give us a release date for NA/EU.
  11. Torneko

    Yes, I suppose when he tries to trip the enemies or 'cast a spell', they are useful, it is only the "staring blankly into space" that is a waste of a turn. I guess what I was saying is I would rather have those abilities and choose them myself and when I want him to attack, well, have him attack. So I do think it's pretty random what he does as you don't have control over it. I will give you he attacks more times than not, but it also does remind me of an AI combat. Again, it is not really that big of an issue, I have dealt with it. I was just saying one of the things I liked about the new version was you did have complete control over all of yoru characters actions. However, with Torneko, he sometimes has a mind of his own.
  12. Torneko

    Oh, I really liked him when I was playing him in Chapter 3. I agree, he was useful and the extra treasure drops were really nice. But then he didn't do things on his own in Chapter 2, either. When I picked him to attack, he attacked, not "stared blankly into space". Again, this doesn't ruin the game for me by any means, I really have enjoyed it. I just don't like not being able to control my party members. But if he is the only character that does stuff like this, that's ok then.
  13. Torneko

    So they are basically trying to show he really is not an adventurer? Ok, I guess I can see that. But no one else does this, right? Otherwise, the game has been great so far. I just won't end up using Torneko if he is the only one who does this. Thanks.
  14. Torneko

    One of the changes I am glad they made with the remake of DQ IV is the ability to control all your party members in using the "Follow Orders" option. However, with Torneko, he sometimes does actions completely on his own even though I do have him on Follow Orders. I will choose to attack with him and then he may "Stare blankly into space" or he will do a "leg sweep", which does no damage and there is another action he does where it looks like he is casting a spell on the enemies, but really does nothing. My point is, there are times he doesn't attack even though that is what I chose him to do. Why does he do this? I am not really a fan of AI party members but I deal with it in this game as you really don't have them all that long. However, I don't really want my main characters to act like AI members, even though technically I am given the impression I am controlling their actions. I hope no one else besides Torneko does these kind of actions.
  15. Nintendo power's second opinion

    I like both games, DQ IV and FF IV. I can't say I agree with his assessment of FF IV, I feel it is one of the best of the series and I feel Final Fantasy is great series (with the exception of the travesty of XII). But then so is DQ. As I said, I like them both.