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  1. PaperCraft Mimic

    I've never really did paper crafts before so I wasn't used to it, but I have to say mine didn't come out too bad. My son loves it, it reminds him of the ones in the Slime game.
  2. Kenshin Dragon Quest

    I seemed to have jinxed myself. I can't even slice the blue ball now. It just stands there mocking me. I have tried 2 tvs, and have tried quite a lot of different ways to play it. Right now it just doesn't seem worth it. And I was really hoping to play this game. ARG! EDIT: Just got a new one today, going to send back the other one. This one works great. Its a really fun game, I like as much as the Wii one if not more. Quick question, just how long is this game, how many stages are in it? I decided to just look and I saw 8 actual stages. But now I have some other questions. Does anyone know what all the other pages on the status screen mean, the only one I understand is the main one that shows the basic stuff. And what is the point of the black memory card? So far the red one works fine, is their any need for the black one?
  3. Kenshin Dragon Quest

    Yea, I try that, but no matter how many times I try I don't see any slashes. Although if I wait a while after I slash, I do see them and then it counts down to 0 and the game moves on a little. When I see the king the feather comes and goes. I'm pretty sure its broken, I'll probably see if I can send it back.
  4. Kenshin Dragon Quest

    I just got this game today, and I have no idea how to start. The game turns on fine, but when I get to the screen with the blue ball, no matter what I try to do with the sword, nothing happens. Seeing as the game does turn on, I don't think it could be broken. I'm just confused.