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  1. big red

    I find that the dragon is the easiest to get noble metals from. Just make sure that you are at least lvl 48 and use the chick to heal u. Also, have 3 revive leaves on you. The dragon first move is to breath ice on you. very easy to dodge. 2nd comes the fire that you knock back and third is a flame throw. You should only have to heal 1 per head in the first round. Also use mangisheld. When he revives he does a combination of all three. Use Absolute zero on him for your finishing move. When you get him down half way then you need to get lucky. It only takes me about 8-9 minutes to kill him and you can get upwards of 200 consecutive hits on him. This gets you an A and you get 1 noble metal and 2 dews. When you make the dragon warrior sword, this only adds 7-8 damage per hit, not much of a difference but it helps.
  2. big red

    Well I finally was able to beat him and the dragon both last night. I got 2 noble metals and was able to make the dragon warrior sword.
  3. any tips on killing him. I am currently lvl 45 and can almost kill him but I use up 3-4 leaves in the process.