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  1. Spam Bots

    http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?/profile/85682-millahowens1/ This user is a spam bot. Is the new users forum disabled because of the update?
  2. What's New with you?

    Dunno, this is the first time I've beat DQ2. Erik (Lorasia) was 40, Lars (Cannock) was late 30s, and Beth (Moonbrooke) was late 20s.
  3. Forums Back Online

    I can't seem to find the option to edit my signature. Anyone find this yet?
  4. What's New with you?

    EDIT: Well, that was surprisingly short. Sidoh didn't put up much of a fight. He didn't even try to heal himself. Battle over in less than 10 turns.
  5. Music stuck in your head?

    Oops, wrong thread
  6. What's New with you?

    Good point. In this case, I might actually promote that anyone still interested in his works pirate them, so as to not bankroll his disgusting life.
  7. MSU-1 Hacks

    Hey all, I'm looking for anybody who'd be interested in helping me create some MSU-1 media enhancement patches for Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest I.II, Dragon Quest VI, and Dragon Quest III for Super Famicom. Specifically, I'd like to replace the soundtracks in each with symphonic music. Stretch goal: If we could find an animator(s) (2D or 3D), we could create FMVs for some of the more iconic scenes in each game. (This part is pretty unlikely to happen, but who knows? I might as well put it out there.) I can prepare the music files, but I need help from a hacker to modify the games to point to the new music, rather than the original sequenced music. Don't know what the MSU-1 Media Enhancement chip/MSU-1 hacks are? Well, most of you are probably familiar with the Super FX chip included in some SNES games, like Star Fox, which allowed for 3D graphics. There's another, new add-on chip for SNES games, developed by byuu (creator of the emulators BSNES and Haigan), that allows streaming of FMV cutscenes and CD quality audio from the included 4GB storage. Of course, there are no official releases containing this chip, but certain emulators and flash carts can make use of this chip, if the game being played has been hacked to support it. Here's an example: (Not included in the above video is FMV support, which has also been added to the SNES release of Chrono Trigger through a separate patch.)
  8. What's New with you?

    Koichi Sugiyama is a denier or Japanese war crimes during WWII, and Akira Toriyama was named in the paradise papers, which if I understand correctly, is a list of rich people hiding their finances in foreign markets to avoid taxation or something. That doesn't mean I've stopped playing Dragon Quest, and I even still listen to the games' music all the time. Yeah, child pornography is more serious, but unless the art in question is illicit, I don't see the problem of continuing to enjoy it on its own merit. I mean, you liked it before you learned the artist was a piece of sh¡t.
  9. Forums Back Online

    Is it possible to jump to the first unread post of a topic anymore? I'm honestly disappointed that it's not the default, like the old mobile site, but there should at least be a link/button to click somewhere, like the old desktop forums, right?
  10. Forums Back Online

    While I do like the new theme, I'm definitely looking forward to the dark theme. I use dark themes online/in apps/programs whenever they are available, as they are much easier on my eyes.
  11. Forums Back Online

    I'm going to assume it's going to take a bit to get things back to the way they were, when should we start reporting missing/broken things, such as the shoutbox and daily statuses? Also, love to see that the mobile comment box now has a picture/media insert option built in!
  12. Name Changes

    Hey Woodus, in preparation for tomorrow's forum upgrade, I'd like to set my login name to Erdrick The Hero, to match my display name. If spaces are disallowed, ErdrickTheHero works.
  13. DQ I,II and III

    Welp, Iggy covered everything I came here to say.
  14. What's New with you?

    There are so many things wrong with this post, and none of them are your fault, eal. F**k microtransactions. Speaking of Battlefront 2, I got it for free from a LAN party I attended a couple weeks ago. I'm supposed to get my Origin key today. We'll see if I bother to install Origin to try it out. I wasn't much interested in the game, but free is free, right?
  15. Dragon Warrior 2 likes to troll:

    And in less than 10 minutes, I'm back on the other side of the Cave to Rhone. God, I love having a fast-forward button. (Playing on Retron 5). EDIT: Aaaaaannnnnd... wiped out again in two minutes.