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  1. Resilience only affects HP growth (if you'll notice that your max HP is always roughly double your Resilience stat) and Luck is your resistance to status effects and debuffs.
  2. dragon quest 3 personality

    Only if you really feel the need to min/max your stats. Assuming the overall difficulty hasn't changed since the GBC version, you should be fine with just about any personality on any character.
  3. Dragon Quest X coming to US? - Kotaku

    I wouldn't bust out the champagne bottles just yet, but this is pretty good news. Keep your fingers (or toes/tentacles/whateveritisyouhave) crossed.
  4. Slime Candy

    http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/05/15-1/dragon-quest-slime-candy-out-now You even get a fancy jar with a Slime Crown lid.
  5. I skimmed the video and I lol'd. I looked at the facebook, and I lol'd some more. Wow.
  6. Random Encounters in Public Restrooms

    I had something kind of like that happen last summer, but with less gay sex. I went to use the bathroom in the restaurant I was in and I step up to the urinal to do my thing, and I notice there's this big older guy in there with an 80's porno 'stache. He starts talking to me (I could barely understand him, he looked like he was high as $#!&) and eventually put his arm around me while I'm trying to pee. Now I was scared shitless at this point because I'm not a very big guy and this dude was huge, but I just swallowed the lump in my throat, looked up at the guy and said "Dude, I'm trying to pee. Get your arm off of me." And to my surprise, he did and said something like "Oh yeah, sorry man" and promptly left the bathroom. I've been scared of public restrooms ever since.
  7. What's Your Favorite Team?

    Three Gladiators and a Sage.
  8. Bad rumor

    If my research is accurate, then a little over 1 million combined in the US and Europe. Pretty solid number for a japanese RPG not named Final Fantasy.
  9. So I stumbled upon one of these on ebay a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I couldn't resist my urge to buy one. http://imgur.com/a/xs5t0 They're made of plastic and are in nine separate pieces. There are two little protrusions on it that let you fasten Tantegel and Charlock onto the map, but all of the monster pieces don't, you just kinda have to put them on there. That's a DS lite in the second picture for a size comparison.
  10. Need your J-RPG suggestions

    Lufia 1 and 2 on the SNES are both about 20 hours long, unless you get hooked on the ancient cave in 2. EDIT: Just noticed you said PSX/PS2. >_< Both Parasite Eve games are only about 10 hours long. The second game plays more like the old style Resident Evil games though, so beware if that's not something you're into.
  11. Pretty much any android. Just install the emulator(s), download the roms you want, and you're good to go.
  12. My Xperia Play is pretty much the perfect phone for emulation due to the slide out gamepad, but the phone itsself is already outdated and it doesn't look like there will be an updated version of it anytime soon.
  13. The DS XL

    Unfortunately the buttons are NOT spread out any more than the regular DS, and the dpad is actually a bit smaller. As far as the image quality is concerned, I've never used one first hand so I can't help you there. The DSi XL was released in the Americas over two years ago.
  14. Lets Play Beyond the Beyond

    Beyond the Beyond has one fatal flaw: Step, step, BATTLE! Step, BATTLE! step, step, BATTLE! If ever there was a reason to hate random encounters, it's this game. If you can get over that, it's actually not a bad game. Nice character designs and a decent soundtrack.