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    playing dqm and other games..
  1. Torn...

    d lords the best
  2. i think square enix made the team, i dont think any1 controls it thats y they do nothing about those 3 incarnus.
  3. it's alright but its not the best i'd say it would help for a begginer..
  4. grandpa slime

    y dont u go to the site that pinned that i posted i got a grandpa slime? and u get one after gettinga certain number of spells..
  5. whats your team?

    nice team and pretty good skill sets
  6. name your team and all their stats of what they are right now. If your team has been on wifi and you know your rank then say what rank you are.
  7. wat level are they all at?

    for green dragon i just use a jargon with nearly anything.
  9. my teams gonna be on their tonight. look at the sig.
  10. breed help

    fuse what it says.. then fuse those two monsters that you got. even if it gave u 3 choices of monsters with the same 2 monsters just fuse em. after you have both synth those. ex (dracky+ dracky) + (winky + winky) = great dragon the two drackys could equal 3 different monsters. choose 1 and the winkies could do the same. but once u fuse the two monsters they made u will get what you desire. after making my darkonium slime into dr.snapped, dr snapped took buffleogre and king bubble slime.. something like that. but it depends on what i synthed to get those. also that was just an example now a real breeding way.(great dragon thing)

    he pinned it problem solved
  12. orgodemir


    and zoma

  13. wifi-battles

    oh my bad .. just go to the link i sent u before see ya
  14. Gigantes

  15. Slime knight

    ha yea thanks im out for tonite i'll talk to u tommorow see ya